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It feels quite surreal to finally post this article after having the content ready for so long, 2 years to be exact. Why did it take me so long to post these photos, share the designer/s featured and my thoughts on them you may ask? And being honest with you, I don’t know myself, schedules, routines being such a massive part of my life and who I am in general I guess I looked for the right time to share them. However these images being shot in April of 2014, that makes them 2 years out of date that I should share them with you, shouldn’t it? Because isn’t being a blogger or an internet person in general, being quick with sharing of information. Being on top of that content, constantly creating, and sharing only new information. No, not really. Sure as a blogger you do have to create content, well, not only as a blogger but in general as a fashion person I guess. If we don’t shoot, we plan, if we don’t plan, we write, if we don’t write, we brain storm, and if we don’t do any of these things we’re dead. And I just presented you one of my favourite quotes ever, pulled from some article (obviously) and I do not remember to save my own life who it was said by but ultimately the main point being is, I do not switch off. Even if I dream, and that is if, because I generally do not dream, I dream of fashion, work load, clothes, beauty and art. And looking at those images, for some reason I feel kind of weird, maybe because I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve looked an image of myself that wasn’t published in some shape or form for years! And I have never, ever shot and published images that were I was so physically exposed! In the perfect world I would make them look artsy, and unique and play around with the concept and at least try to be different and not like every single post of mine! I mean I had such a cool reason to do something different and get out of my comfort zone even more and my 19 year old self could not do it! Does it make me mad? Little bit, but it makes more determined, to be more adventurous with this blog and have more fun with it.

Than again we make mistakes, grow and learn from them. Back than I was too concentrated to make things perfect and was looking more on what the designer would want and would still be in my “model” mindset, where I am trying to be much more than that. I do styling, I write, I do creative direction, I’m trying to expand my creative horizon much further than I could even imagine and not take things so seriously. And these images represent everything I was trying to achieve being a blogger and still being so closed minded you don’t even know! Now I literally don’t care! I came to realise for someone who has been working in fashion for almost half a decade and has done so many things, from model dressing, to photography, modelling, writing, ect. when it comes to this blog I should use all those skills I’ve gained and push them more to make this little corner of the internet as much mine and diverse as I want to. And I am in the process of doing that, with publish these images a huge part of that! And as much as I would do things much more different now at the time I’ve worked with what I had, and being a small DSLR camera and my younger sister taking pictures under my assistance, and if any of you are fellow bloggers you must know how hard it to let another person take over 1/3 of your blogging content and not being able to properly communicate in what you want!

Than again having this blog has showed me that the purpose of it is to not make it perfect but to communicate and share. As much as I moan, and complain I do acknowledge that I am incredibly lucky, I mean who can say that at 16 years old, their first work experience was to do with an exact industry they’ve wanted! Well, I sure can! And at 16 years old, I was not sure in what I’ve wanted to do, whenever working in fashion would be for me, heck if it would be a possibility at all! I had not idea where to start, what would require for me to get there. How do people score fashion internships?! Well, I scored mine right after I’ve made a decision from moving from 6th form (one of the best choices I’ve made, just saying!) to college to study fashion that not only opened every single door for me but also taught me a lot! However the biggest learning experience I got was from work placements, from fashion shows, shoots and studios.  After I’ve left my high school I got offered an offer I could not refuse, and if I would, I would be really stupid! One of the lectures at my old high school has gave me an offer to intern for her and help her create her line of beachwear, La Belle Neri. And two weeks extended to two years. Can you imagine 2 years of sawing, pattern cutting, pinning, running errands,  those were days. But yeah, I was doing that for little over 2 years between college,the only reason I left was for this blog, styling, writing and realising that at this point in my life my creativity cannot be channeled into creating fashion but more into communicating it. So who is La Belle Neri, you may ask? Let me tell you.

It is your go to luxury beachwear! And no, I am not being paid or held at a gun point to say it. Even thou this brand is so close my heart and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities I’ve gotten for them, I would not even move my finger if I didn’t see something special in it from the very beginning. Being it founded by Nadine Coke, British designer and fashion teacher who finished the London College of Fashion, with a degree in Womenswear Pattern Cutting and Design Technology. The brand La Belle Neri was born in the final year of Nadine’s studies, discovering a book on Ancient African Ceremonies, the vibrant colours, tribal attire, the craftsmanship, jewellery pushed desire to express all those things through her swimwear. The freedom of travel to many countries of Europe, to American and Caribbean had a great positive impact on her creativity and that’s how La Belle Neri was born. It is an ultimate celebration of freedom,sophistication and joy. It was her large range of experience in fashion from designing couture to bridal gowns and evening wear, she made sure her own brand, La Belle Neri is has the highest quality standard in terms of making and design. All the pieces of all the costumes designed are cut by hand and than sawn all individually which gives them such couture feel and look to them! I remember those days when I saw cutting the patterns and hand sawing the bits and pieces together, who knows if you got across this brand couple of years ago you may have bought or worn, that was partly made by yours truly. I have definitely learned my basic fashion skills and knowledge on how independent fashion companies and designers work, and it’s a knowledge that definitely cannot be taught in school and I will be forever grateful to have this experience!

As for that luxury little number I am wearing here. Well, it definitely is a piece of work, made out of Lycra, it’s one of the most comfortable beachwear items I have worn in the long time!  And also looking back, I am still in love with that shade of red and am quite proud of myself for not picking up a black swimwear, I most likely would die out of heat stroke. I’m surprised I still haven’t, it’s hot in here, dude! And yes I’m currently sitting in Spain with a side of double expresso by my side to keep me going. But having that #ThrowbackThursday today definitely keeps my motivation to post more going. If only had these Colin Leslie sunnies with me! Ok I have rambled for ages now. Enjoy the pictures and keep your eyes pealed for more content coming! Peace!

Beachwear  – La Belle Neri 
Sunnies – Colin Leslie 
Necklace – H&M 

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