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Oh, hey guys! It’s been so long since a proper product review, in beauty especially. I mean I love beauty so much, not more than fashion but somewhat equally, so I don’t really understand why I don’t tend to do them more often, well mostly, because they do take forever to write, but a gurl needs to try her products in order to talk about them. Sometime ago I was contacted about trying out a new service by a London Nail Salon, Nails Baby Ltd. They offer wide range of services in terms of nail treatments, from manicures to pedicured and ect. as well as waxing, and now a little something I was contacted to talk about over here. One of their newest services is a subscription bag. 
I was sent one of these bags sometime ago and today I wanted to share my thoughts on it now. Before I start on the “review” I just wanted to say that from my look on the website, to purchase the subscription bag, it looks like you can choose the items you wish to have in your bag, which in my opinion is rather cool! I mean personalised subscription bags should be an actual thing! Am I right? Well, I myself have not picked out the items, however I am not complain at all about what I’ve gotten and let me tell you more about the items I got. Also quick note, it looks like all the items are sample sized rather than actual full size products but again I could be wrong. And I’ve also gotten £20 voucher for the Baby Nails! 
O.P.I Nail Envy Nail Strengthener: For those who know me bit closer or stalked all the photos I have online, in which you have, please find a hobby. Anyway, I bite my nails. And I have for most of my life, I don’t remember not biting my nails at any point, well I would go though fazes but they wouldn’t last long. Long story short, my nails are damaged and weak like me after long workout! And I’m not sure if this is seen all over the internet but I must say massive thank you to Baby Nails for this little bottle of joy! Now, I cannot say if it works 100% on my nails, as they still haven’t grown enough to actually break, but they do feel somehow stronger than they use to, before using this! And I’m talking for years of experience on this, I have used so many different nail strengtheners over the years that I may actually do an entire article based on them alone! But this one works quite well. I will keep you updated on how I like it of course as my nails will grow longer! 
O.P.I RapiDry Quick Drying Top Coat: Another small bottle of joy was this little product and it’s an ideal solution for those who are inpatient and live in a hurry aka me. But if any of you are like me, you will be fan for this product. I myself have used it couple of times and it really helps the nail polish dry quicker than used without the top coat! Within couple of seconds the nails polish is dry and you are ready to go with ready nails! I honestly never thought I’d be a fan of these kind of products as I’ve always seen them as bit excessive and unnecessarily but I must say I am sold! 
O.P.I Avojuice Coconut & Melon hand and body lotion: And last but not least one of my favourite products of the bag! But that’s mostly because I am a sucker for lotions and moisturisers! And if they smell of coconut with a hit of melon, men! I am in love! I need to do some research whenever these are sold in bigger package because I will be out soon and once I will be out I will legitimately cry! It is just so hydrating, smooth and it smells phenomenal! I cannot even with this!! 
Thank you again for this nice gift to Baby Nails and Boxed Out PR!!



Disclaimer: These products have been sent to me for a review however I was not paid to do this review. 


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