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So, how about another #ThrowbackThursday? Sounds good? We all at this point I am completely incapable of posting things on time. And if you already didn’t know it, well here’s a new info for ya. But as I said before, I have this weird thing, with time, day and posting. Which means that I’m basically not able to post anything apart from the time I usually post? How that logic works I don’t know, because most of the time it just back fires on me. Can I please get an applause for my stupid brain? And as we talk about stupid brain, and if you seen my last blog post, which by the way you totally should, I was sick as in I am going to die, sick, this week and looks like it, might be a hay fever sickness. I love spring. I really do! And that sickness has caused me, now not being able to speak, so I can’t even film today! Go me! At least there are press days going on so I can feel like at least I’m doing something with my day and not watching Netflix and sitting on Tumblr for the whole day, because that’s all I do with my life. If only I would get paid for it. I can dream. 

 But, today being Thursday, means another throwback. Which is basically shoot that I never got a chance to share with you because… reasons. Hahahaha… someone shot me! But I feel like today is the day you may finally see the results of the photos my talented grandmother, or auntie, I actually don’t remember who took these photos.. but yeah, they are hella talented! And the story is simple. My auntie, has a western shop with clothes, jewellery and western themed stuff, which I’m not the biggest fan of western theme but oh my gosh, some of their stuff are so cool and totally go with my “rock chic” vibe (I will punch myself later for even writing that) and guess what, I’m listing to my Metal playlist on my Spotify playlist >> METAL which is bomb so you should totally follow me on there. What can I say, I am a walking cliche. 

And 3 years ago,  or how ever long these images were taken, this walking cliche clearly didn’t know how to do their make up, brows or contour… well I guess we grow and we learn. But despise the lack of brows in these images may I say that this outfit situation is totally something up my ally. I would totally wear what I’m wearing there even now! And as I’m typing this I’m getting this urge to just fly to Poland and buy this stop, because it’s black and it has skull on it, which is my aesthetic! And the same goes for the boots, and they on the other hand remind me so much of Bill Kaulitz during the 2007 era, as he would wear these type of boots all the time and I would make fun of him all the time for that and now look at me… such a hypocrite. And leather bracelet.. well another staple of mine, let’s be honest, give me leather anything and I am going to be down for it! Also if any of you are ever in Wroclaw make sure to check out Dziki Zachod, as I said their stuff are pretty bomb (and no, this post is not sponsored by them just fyi) . 

Sklep Dziki Zachód
Pl.Staszica 22
50-221 Wrocław

I hope you will enjoy these photos and my Metal playlist, and I’m off to Pak’s to get my contacts for up and coming post and than press days. Peace! xxx












Top / Shoes / Bracelet- Dziki Zachod
Shorts – H&M


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