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Here we go again. I had such a cool article for you all, couple of days ago and than technology has failed me once again and my stupid phone decided not to save the 3 paragraph post I’ve written! In other words my week was great guys! But it’s Sunday which means the week is almost at its end and tomorrow we can start fresh and clean. But not before I will actually rant about something. Because that’s what the previous post was about and even thou I’ve lost that, I will try my best to put all of those thoughts into words again.

We are at the time of the year where press days are in full swing again. Which means I am constantly on the edge. And no not the edge of the sit. I personally see press day season as a fun, fashion and beauty filled experience seeing and meeting like minded people aka fashion freaks. And that also means being in a constant state of stress, at least for me. Because, and I think that won’t be news for you, I am a proud suffer of something that’s called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). That’s a little something that in a way helps me to get to so many press days, even after long days of working and just wanting to me in my bed far, far, far away from any social international and human contact. Just Netflix and I. But thanks to FOMO during press days, LCM and LFW I am constantly on the edge. Which makes it around 7 months out of the year, fun times! And for me FOMO is not just fear, it’s an actual panic mode, cold sweats, doing everything in the speed of light just to make that event. It’s a constant state of anxiety, the thought for me to miss out on a press day or a brand puts shivers down my neck. Even writing about this makes me touch unsettle. And of course since working full time I am unable to make all of the events  no matter how much I would like to! And couple of months ago that was unthinkable for me, I tried my best to make to every single event, even now.
When I’ve realised that it’s physically impossible! As much as I wish I could split into 3 it’s not possible yet. Science why are you failing me? However instead of worrying about missing out, I’m telling myself that there’s always another season, that most of the PRs know me or have met me at some point and missing their event because of work or other commitments is not the end of the world. And in a way it works, especially after getting couple of emails and realising that it’s fine. Especially lately, we’ll ever since I’ve learned that my current camera can self time,and I got the tripod I’ve been in such a content creating mode, you don’t even know! All I want to do is shoot, edit, write, plan. In other words create and be productive! And in some weird way having even this shoot finished and edited and writing up this post now is way more satisfying feeling than going to events (well realising that you get to see a collection from the brand you adore 6 months in advance is even better but that’s another thing!) And even after hot and humid day full of press days I took my camera, tripod and shoot this article! And having to wear a sweater and leggings in 29 degrees you can only imagine my state, I was a hot mess let’s just say. But even thou this outfit was not entirely appropriate for this weather I did not care, these leggings must be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe for being so quirky and different that I just wanted to wear them. When I was shooting this someone even told me that Halloween is not for another 6 months, no shit mate! And as always orange lips for spring with red eye shadow, because we all know that my make up is as colourful as I get, yep, we have a winner. I am little bit too obsessed with this lipstick to be honest! How about you? Have you got a must have lipstick colour?
Self Portraits 
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing 
Shoes: H&M 
Watch: Coach
Silver Choker: New Look
Tattoo Choker: 


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