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Just like the title say, I feel a little bit undone. Maybe I should blame wearing shorts for 20 minutes while wearing this, for this weird, cold/sickness/ whatever the hell is wrong with my body, I am going though now. In another words, who gets sick in May, and not even hay fever, which I do suffer from, I mean actual, dying, throwing up (too T.M.I for ya?) aura migraine, being too cold yet too hot, and actually little bit wanting to die, because let’s face it having such symptoms was close enough to the experience. Let’s just say past weekend was a living hell for me, quite literally because I was hot like no ones, business, and not even in the “hot” hollywood way. I’m surprised I didn’t get a heat stroke in the process. But I feel better now. Fun fact about me: I either get sick for 2 days or 2 weeks. I personally prefer the 2 day option. Anyone else?
Thankfully, it looks like I have recovered in this two day period, as well I am able to write down this post, which I can assure you for the past two days would be a real agony if anyone would ask me to do it. So, it’s a good sign, I’m back to the living, barely, but at least living. Still somehow bed ridden, but at least being able to open up my laptop for something else than watching episodes of “Orange is the New Black”, in which can someone explain to me how I’ve been watching this show on and off for the past 3 months but haven’t managed to finish the 3 seasons exciting? Yea, me neither. But at least last week I’ve managed to shoot 3 articles, film 3 videos, plan more articles. It’s been really productive. I feel like my brain is on this weird rush of inspiration, and need to create. And as I said, with no boundaries, just for me, and of course for you, but mainly for me. Because not having a creative outlet for someone who had one for years and years is just unthinkable!
I’m also proud to announce and I’m pretty sure this is basic knowledge to most of you but for someone who’s a technology knob like myself, discovering how to create self portraits. And in photography term self portraits is basically a photo that an artists creates themselves, meaning there’s no photographer behind the camera. You are the model, the photographer, you are in total control over all. Can I say, how much I am in love with this concept!! Don’t get me wrong. I love the images that Josh and Alma take of me, they defiantly know how to capture my bitch face, in so many angles. But especially, now in the exam season both of them are really busy with studying and working on their final project and well, I need that content… So why not create it myself? And as I already said, I love having such a control and fully say that I am doing everything from start to finish when it comes to this (and few up and coming) blog post! It’s great feeling, you should try it guys! And it’s not only the image that important to me, but also the mood of it. Lately I’ve been in this very urban, feeling, maybe because I spend all of my time in the city, and proper breath and live it. Which is so fulfilling that I just cannot describe, at least for now.  And not only the mood of these photos give me an urban feeling but also the outfit for some reason, even thou these shorts were worn just for the sake of it, because I swear to *insert sacred believes here* seconds before I even got to finish the rain started to fall and I had to finish up. But at least I got time to shoot these images, because shorts, a beanie, boots and leather jacket totally make sense all together, right? Especially at this weather where it just can’t seem to make up it’s mind and going from rain to blasting heatwave in the matter of days! No wonder I am sick!!





















Self Portraits 
 Jacket – Camden Town
Shorts – H&M
Boots –
Choker & Necklace –
Watch – Coach
Beanie – Muji 
Lips – Colourpop Liquid Lipstick in “Trap”

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