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It’s May! And it finally feels like it! And it’s funny, because as it became more warm and sunny my motivation is back to its old self. Which means that for the past couple of days I’ve been really busy just creating content! Both for this blog, my YouTube and of course Meade! And it feels so good! If you have ever met me in person or spoke to me about fashion, beauty and such you’d see how much I breath and live it! I mean don’t we all actually live fashion. Clothes aren’t just pieces of fabric, it’s a part of lifestyle! That’s why I hate when people treat it as “just fashion”. No. It’s never “just fashion” it’s so much more! It’s such speechless way for self expression, it’s history, it’s culture. It’s music, it’s especially life. That’s why I think I will defend fashion and it’s industry until I die!
However can you blame me? Thanks to fashion I’ve found a way to feel in a place in life and where I am and be happy. There are so many aspects of fashion and creative industry in general that tie in together, film, moving image, make up. It’s all so creative. And after doing some thinking I’ve decided to stop caring. Stop caring what people are thinking, whenever some articles are going to better or worse, if the video is 1 minute or 20. Whenever I am talking about important stuff or it’s just an edit of my day or a flower. I miss having that creative freedom if I have to be honest. Working in fashion is great because it keeps the creativity going until you realise that actually I’ve realised that I was not as creative as I’ve thought or use to be. During Easter (I know it was ages ago, no need to remind me) I’ve found my old sketchbooks from college and uni and had 101 look at how creative I was! It was sad to see that I no longer push myself, and break the boundaries. Instead I became another blogger. Being like everyone else, which isn’t bad thing. But I was always the “different one” or the “weird” one as some people would say. Regardless. I am ready. To post more, be more creative, experimental and really be excited about the content I produce!
The only thing is. This outfit is not creative. Well, I guess it could be to other people. But for me it’s rather basic (there I said it, basic) but no, literally, I am wearing Brandy Melvile in here however I did not go to Starbucks on that day. I hope you guys know I am kidding, I am not basic shaming at all. Because being basic means so many different things for each of us! And that’s ok, for me it’s just minimal in terms of colour and minimal jewellery. As for the entire day I was writing and editing I didn’t see any point of looking “cute” or super “fashionable” because what’s fashionable anyway? Just wear what the hell you want to wear. Make it your own fashion!
















Photography: Josh Milton
Jacket – Camden Town
Pullover & Jeans & Boots & Hat – H&M
Top – Brandy Melville
Choker & Rings –



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