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Hey kids! There’s a word up the street that I gained my motivation back. And not so much as motivation more like my writing block went away and I finally feel like I can breath. I feel like being a writing and a blogger and having a writing block is the worst! Because you’re literally unable to do your job, which is quite stupid in my opinion. Because the thing that stopping me the most from doing what I love is myself?! Yep, I’m my own enemy.
However as I said before I’ve worked so hard and gave up on so many things in order to create and do what I love, so having me stopping myself from doing it, is really stupid and I need to, like, not! And it’s April which means press days are at their full speed and I am running around London, on my days off and even after work just to catch with my favourite brands and PRs, so see what’s new for the next season and doing that has really  helped me to stay motivated and inspired. It’s like after each  press day I’m able to do another mood board for a shoot, start working on those trend reports and product must haves! And in a way it got me thinking about brining back fashion here little bit more, and I’m not talking about personal style, I’m talking about old school product reviews. What do you guys think?
But as much as I’m trying to revamp this blog every way possible my style does not change. In fact it feels like it stays the same and in a way it goes back to its roots. I find it so fascinating and amazing to writing this blog and be able to have visual representation of my style and thought process time line! And it helps keeping track of it as well. Like I feel like my style goes back to its roots with wearing lots of denim jeans, simple tshirts, heeled boots, it’s like my style from when I was 14 and the style I had when I was 17 mushed together in this all black or all grey or just monochrome mess that’s happening right now. Let’s face it purple eyeliner is as colourful as I can get.


















Jacket – Vintage
Top – All Saints
Jeans – Cheap Monday
Shoes & Chiffon Pullover– H&M
Necklace – Clairs


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