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If you are on Twitter (and are following me) and you’re a hardcore fan of a German band, Tokio Hotel, and you may already seen my review of their latest album “Kings of Suburbia” on Meade Magazine. And today I’ve wanted to deliver you the cherry on top! And yes I’m aware that most of you have probably seen the shows or have read the reviews from the shows. Because these shows happened a year ago, and I’m writing about this just now because in fact it is really hard for me to write about the stuff that are enjoy as much as my favourite bands or maybe because they are the most influential thing that happened to me ever.  But as today is Thursday,  I’ve wanted to do a little #ThrowbackThursday on here and  share my opinion, there’s a reason why I write a blog haha. And honestly, I don’t know where to start! How about from the beginning huh? And grab yourself a cookie or hot tea as this could be quite long post. A year ago (yes I know how to report on time haha) I got to see my favourite band of all time for the second time in my life (so far)! You can only imagine my excitement,or click the vlog below the photos, its a freaking comedy, well my life is a freaking comedy anyway and I put it all on the internet! 
But from the beginning. Well, Tokio Hotel has been the band that I discovered myself (ok, one of my best friends showed them to me) back in 2005 and my whole world has changed. Everything before that is one big blur, I’m not even kidding.So why have I waited this long to talk about one of my favourite days of 2015 or my whole existence. 6th March 2015. The truth is, I’m extremely shit when it comes to talking about experiences, especially those that were flawless. I mean who want’s to read “It was perfection” “I loved it” …. blah blah blah. I try to keep this blog mildly positive but not even I will be that overreacting here. Or maybe I should, my twitter (@Kinga_Kurek) is basically one big fangirling, which is hilarious let’s face it! And it’s definitely much more casual than this blog, obviously haha. 
But it’s been too long and I  will try to give this post my best shot. But first let me talk about the outfit, and what and why. That’s much easier to talk about anyway. The fact is the outfit here is “staged” for the actual concert. I’ve just worn black jeans, black top, no make up,nails and no accessories. I figured I will look like a potato anyway next to the German Puppies I might as well be comfortable. And I was right. No one. Cared. Trust me when it comes to concerts how you look like, and what you wear doesn’t really matter. As long as you are comfortable and have a good time! ^_^ But because this is mainly a fashion blog I figured I should put at least little effort to my outfit choice. And it’s not brainer that the main inspiration is of course, my unicorn/puppy/flawless human being/fashion icon/ model/ Bill Kaulitz! I swear to god, if it weren’t for him I would not have the style I have today, and even till this day, 10 years later, he still inspires me in terms of fashion, beauty and general outlook on life. Because this men isn’t just a pretty face, he has brains too! And I’m not even kidding, even thou my style has changed a lot since 2005, it still reminded the same in some strange way, because what I’m wearing here, would be totally something I’d wear back than, minus the heels, it took my years to actually like them, haha! Fun fact, before Bill took over my fashion sense I was a massive tomboy. (And not in a sense I love Tom, I actually do, but I’m referring to the style) but yeah. Who knew that a guy would help me discover my love for fashion, make up, be non judgmental and more empathetic towards others.  And I feel like that’s what a fashion icon should be, not only inspire you in a fashion sense but also in a lifestyle sense in the best way possible! 
Ok, enough of fangirling, because both you and me know I can do that for the entire day! This outfit, I think is quite an accurate representation to my style now and what I would wear when I was 10/11 years old. Leather, dark eye make up, black jeans, yep, nothing’s changed. As I said before, it funny how much I think my style has changed and developed it really hasn’t that much, I just added new pieces to my wardrobe. But than again these images were shot last year, but I can assure you I still have most of the items that are here. But I feel that, these days I’d wear them more striped down.Also below this post there’s a vlog from the whole day of the concert, which is more embarrassing than my lack of blogging. Enjoy! I’m sorry that this article seems a little bit all over the place, it literally took me a year to write it.













Jacket: Vintage
Top: H&M
Shoes: George in Asda
Glove: Vintage
Belt: Clairs
Studded cuff: Vintage
Double Chain Necklace: Bershka
One Finger Ring: Gina Trickot (in Sweden)
Embellished Rings: Primark
























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