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I’m sort of glad I haven’t set myself any goals for 2016 in terms of posting on this blog, and posting in general, because I would have failed miserably. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t got the content or ideas for blog posts or videos. I have lots and lots planned but it’s more off the creating, editing and posting the content than ideas. It’s just so hard finding the time sometimes, which is really frustrating for me, waking up in the morning in order to post, is almost impossible, I mean I’ll wake up but it’s the getting up part that’s hard. Because sometime we just can’t be bothered, right? And recently, especially last week I was just so not bothered with anything, in other words of mine, I was a bit done. And it’s not the idea of blogging or creating content that is making me done, it’s more of the timing, and promoting and having certain goals set for myself, as much as  I said I wouldn’t to that this year, it’s that part that’s making me done. And the stress of it all. I feel like this year I really released and accepted the fact of how much I am comparing myself to other bloggers, and their blogs, and as we are all so different,which is the real beauty of it, I in a way want to be them. Because majority of the blogs I read are done by the people who are at certain level of blogging that it can be their full dedication, and I am so envious of it! I would love to just blog, and write and create 24/7 and be able to express myself without the stress of time, meeting deadlines, having other people help me create the content because as much as I’d like to take everything upon myself I know I’m not able to. Yet, anyway.

However, instead making all of that my set back, I will make it my motivation. To be better, to create more. To create better, and stress out less about it anyway. It’s funny, when I’ve first created this blog it meant to be a place for me for a free self expression and may I make this statement “free” a little bit bolder. I know that only thing that’s stopping me from truly creating a free, passionate content is not the time, weather, or other people. It’s myself, by creating these goals, plans, and pressure may have been the worst idea I had for this blog that I may have for the past year. From time to time I would have a look back at older posts of mine, and while they now seem lazy to me for the lack of text, they were constant, and most importantly free! I posted whatever I’ve wanted, without any comparison to others, pressure to post. These posts were made from a true passion, and drive to create and be better. And I miss that, that drive that was so big, fast and ready to explode on any occasion given. And looking back, seeing how far I came in this blogging adventure, achieving stuff I honestly never in a million years thought I’d achieve, it makes me a bit sad that that drive to create isn’t that big because of my stupid perfectionist and constant comparison to other people!

This isn’t a post about that this is going to change, it may or it may not. It’s just a little expiation. I honestly don’t even know if this post will make sense to me in couple of days time. We’ll see. And after this article is posted I have no outfit pictures to show you, unless I will be shooting tomorrow. But as I’m currently looking for another alternative for shooting outfit photos, will it be editorial? Creative? Artistic? or just plane and simple? I don’t know we’ll see. I must say when I’ve finally sat down to edit this images this morning, and not having to look at them for like a month, I realised how great they turned out! My little sister is starting to make me proud haha! I’ve recently been going back to that all black everything, minimalistic vibe with super high heel! This outfit reminds me of the stuff I use to post back in 2012 when I just started blogging! I somehow find it so funny, how I like to think that my style has really developed when in fact I just pay more attention to the details and quality. I’ve defiantly noticed that now I gravitate towards minimalistic and timeless pieces more than I have, but that makes picking up outfits so much easier and challenging and you all know how much I like a good challenge. And all black everything look with pop of colour on the make up part was defiantly different for me! And can we please talk about that red lip for a second?!

















Jacket – Camden Town
Top – H&M
Jeans – Primark
Shoes – Alexander McQueen (
Collar –
Necklace – Vivienne Westwood 


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