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Anyone else gets this massive writing block? And I don’t mean the kind that you’re just “Oh I can’t write a single word today”. The kind that even the emails you write don’t make sense, even text messages need to be read 5 times to make sense. Maybe it is the dislexic in me. Because I write all the time. And I don’t mean in a sense of a blog post or an article. I mean I the sense of writing. And in a way we all write every single day. From text messages, to emails, notes and vice versa. Writing is actually a massive part of everyday life, for some more and for some less. For some writing is just an everyday routine and for others in an essential to survive. Because not only its mandatory in today’s society, because hey, everyone needs to write in one day or another. And I myself don’t see myself not write. And I don’t mean just the typical everyday writing such as emails and labels and ect. I’m talking about this. This form of self expression. And doing this for a while became such a big part of my routine. Whenever I blog twice a week or once a month.

I don’t see myself not doing it. And I’ve been doing some thinking about this blog, my YouTube and in general my fitting into this industry. Because I do so much, from choosing trends, doing reviews, styling, editing and shooting and of course doing the whole admin stuff. Which I love, I love have so much responsibility and control. But doing all of this and still working full time can be a challenge. And as you know I have a specific schedule for this blog, but I’m thinking I need to stop or at least make it for flexible to my current lifestyle. And for those who’s blogging isn’t a full time job I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It isn’t easy. But when you receive a comment form your favourite blogger telling you that they love your outfit, a brand you admire follows you on social media and tells you a faltering comment on your thoughts or simply even if someone at work comments on my make up, all those sleepless nights, stress and hard work is worth it. Even thou it doesn’t seem that I do much for this blog, I do. Especially now since I’m trying my strengths on YouTube.

Which I think I need to do more off as its not a secret that I can talk for days! Anyway, even thou last couple of outfits were somewhat elegant or out there, as much as I’d like to, these kind of outfits are not always an acureate representation of that I wear on everyday basis. And I’m talking about the days that I’m not doing anything. Because the past two days were exactly like that, I mean I was doing stuff but I didn’t leave my room much. Maybe to crash a party, but can you blame me? However it’s kind of annoying that when someone says “fashion” all you can think of is the glamour of it. No fashion can be simple and basic. No fact that’s usually what people wear anyway. Life isn’t all about glitter and high heels. As much as I’d wish it to be. Also can we talk about how I’m scribbling this post on my lunch break haha talk about dedication.

Photography: Josh Milton
Jacket – Vintage
Top – Brandy Melville 
Jeans – Primark
Flannel – UNIQLO
Shoes – Doc Martens 
Necklace – Iridescence 

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