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Another day, another post. How did you guys enjoy the lookbook? I’ve mentioned this on my previous post (the one with the video) but I’ve noticed the views went down, which is so weird, and I’m not going to lie, it pissed me off so badly, because what the hell? But than again, this gives me motivation to post more! Weird I know. I’m currently editing a haul video, filming tomorrow another one and I’m vlogging today. Not that I’m doing anything, just sorting out my room, decorating and that’s that. I may go to Pak’s later, to get my colorful eye lenses! I had a white and a black pair before, but I lost them and I really enjoyed wearing them. I feel like they add so much to the outfits and make up. I don’t know I feel like it makes them seem more interesting. And don’t we all like to be someone else for a day, or at least not to look like ourselves? 
I love the idea of change! Dressing differently, being bit abnormal, playing around with hair colours, make up, shoes and fashion in general. I love it all! And always have! Fun fact: I’ve been dying my hair since I was 15 so since I’ve been blogging here at the age of 17, you guys never seen me in my natural hair colour, roots yeah, but not full head. And I don’t think you’ll ever will haha. I’m actually in a process of doing another hair change, so lets see what I’m going to do next. Edit: on the walk to Pak’s. I took a nap around 3pm and woke up like around 7pm. Yep, I’m an adult baby, what can I say. So other words, I didn’t even do half of this things I wanted today, but hopefully that nap will make me want to wake up early tomorrow and I can do them than. I think I’m shooting tomorrow as well, I’m not sure. I definitely need to film and edit that haul video. Oh and you know the vlog thingy? I may vlog tomorrow as well and than just combine two days of footage. Considering the fact I did nothing today. Well I cleaned and organised my desk, which I love organising and decorating! Ugh, if I could do that full time and get paid, that’d be amazing, but more in a fashion, decor setting that is. So that’s my day. What have you guys been up to? 
Another edit: While writing this I’ve fallen asleep, I mean what’s wrong with me! Anyway today I’m actually going to do stuff and be productive, that’s the plan anyway. I’m planning to film, I need to write, review stuff and edit. Long day for me. But that’s ok. And I will not nap at 3pm!!  Anyway, enough of rambling, worth of two days. Josh and I shot few looks last week, and yes new lookbook will be at the end of this month! I’m really starting to get the hang of editing and actually enjoying it, but I need some breaks between editing as there’s a certain amount of time, one can look at it’s own face. I don’t know how YouTubers do it.  Anyway, it feels like I’ve been talking for days (I sort of did) so I think it’s time to talk about the outfit. Well, for this month, these looks will be sort of planned and they sort of go together, at least that’s what I like to think haha. But recently I’ve really been into silhouettes, shapes and playing with textures. Basically, grabbing whatever I have in my wardrobe and seeing what works and what doesn’t. That’s how I usually plan these outfits. I basically don’t. 














Photography: Josh Milton 
Jacket –Kristi Designs
Chiffon Jacket (underneath the red jacket) – H&M 
Top – All Saints
Leggings – Bik Bok
Shoes – Alexander McQueen (ebay) 
Choker – 
Necklace – Urban Outfitters 


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