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Hey, guys! Long time no post. I actually have another post in works, which I really hope will be up tomorrow. It meant to be posted ages ago but I had the worst writers block, you don’t even know! It was so bad that in my mind I was contemplating on giving up on that blog, because it’s plane ridiculous for me to post a blog post so late. But that’s not what this is about out. Well maybe little bit. You would think that after I get an internet in my place, I would get this amazing motivation, and be super productive on here, blog couple of times per week, do vlogs, videos… Nope. And I’m going to be real with you, don’t expect it. As I said before, I would absolutely love for that to happen but it’s out of my control, well it is in my control but at the same time it isn’t. Because I would never blog just for the sake of it, or shove down your throats a forced text without any meaning, simply just for sake of it. And I use to do that, at lot. When I first started blogging 3 years ago I would blog non stop, but looking back, these posts were so lazy, without any insight, to my thoughts, outfits or events I went to. I wish when reading my blog theres something, someone could take out of them, whenever it is outfit idea, make up look, new song, or a bit of information about a brand. 
And it’s funny because ever since I’ve decided to do these type of posts, more meaningful if you will, having this blog, made me so stressed out you don’t even know! And this blog is meant to be a place for self expression, without any stress. And I’m kind of stressed. That’s why, I will blog only when I feel like it, whenI have something to say, when I have a content that I believe it, that I want to share. I don’t want to be one of those bloggers that posts just for the sake of it, or because it’s expected of me. No. I want to blog for you, and for me. And I have couple of review posts, coming up, that I haven’t done in for so long here and I sort of miss doing them, and also a “recipe” blog posts, which is long overdue but ahh well, what do you want me to do, I didn’t feel inspired to write, in fact no words could be typen when it came to that post. Maybe because there were expectations, there was a deadline, which I don’t do well with, and I was constantly comparing myself to others, which I really need to stop doing. Anyway that’s for tomorrows post. 
Today, I’ve wanted to share an outfit, Josh and I shoot earlier this month, and the reason why these images look bit unstable (wait until you see the video haha) is because it was so windy, that I’m surprised that I didn’t fly off! While shooting this, Josh was making fun of me the entire time, and I got to tell you that putting on a straight face, when your hair is going in all different directions and your 6in heels are about to break, is not easy, at all. But we’ve managed to create these images, but there were so many bad ones with my eyes half  closed, that in fact I could have just posted for the sake of your entertainment, but it’s the internet and what goes in here, stays in here. And I don’t want my face to become a meme. I’m a walking meme as it is, haha. But over all I love how these images turned out, and wearing purple lipstick with this coat was such a good decision, in real life this coat is in the colour I like to call greyish purple, and next to that lipstick it gives even more purple tone, which with the coolness of the background I personally think it looks awesome! And you remember how I said I’m going to post more casual outfits? For me this is casual, even thou I almost died while shooting this. The sacrifices we make. 





















Photography: Josh Milton 


Coat – WALL London
Jeans – H&M
Sweater – Muji
Bag – Matalan
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell
Watch – Coach
Lipstick – Sleek in”Vamp”


  • Sylwia VamppiV Błach February 29, 2016 at 9:53 am

    Love colors, shoes, lipstick… You look great!

  • Angela Griffin March 8, 2016 at 7:01 am

    Gorgeous! You're right, the purple lipstick looks great with the jacket!
    I also agree about posting meaningless stuff because it's expected of you. I've been trying to improve my blog, and i think this is something I will take into consideration, so that I can create more meaningful and interesting content!



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