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This post is meant for people above the age of 18 due to “alcoholic” nature of this post. 
Lets not be surprised that this post is not nearly enough on time. Actually I’m posting this near the end. Ok, most of you have no idea what  I’m on about. At the end of January I was invited to take a part in Jagermeister Blogger Contest to help promote the new Jager spice, Cinnamon and Vanilla, which is really good! But yeah it’s a contest, that actually ends (edit: ended) on the 18th. I swear to God if I’ll ever be on time with anything I will throw a massive part for all of you because, for the love of blogging I can never do stuff on time. I don’t know like, for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been so stressed with this project, but at the same time so uninspired, even under the influence of Jager( too T.M.I?) but what could I do. I personally don’t believe in posting something just for the sake of it so I didn’t.  If I’m going to spend time creating content I must believe in it. 
As I said on my last post, I’ve been lately really uninspired, and well, meh. It’s like my drive and motivation kind of went missing. And I was hoping this project would help bring those two things back, which it did a little but not the extent I was hoping for. But what can I do, besides complaining? Not really, because actually I came up with an idea for this, and it might not be the most original, or exciting but it’s mine, it’s something. And I’m sort of proud, because man, it does have a kick! And I’m talking about a cocktail.  Out of a lack of visual inspiration  I’ve decided to create my own cocktail mixed with the new Jager flavour, that is Cinnamon and Vanilla. As the JagerBomb is no stranger to anyone who is over the age of 18, if you don’t know what I’m talking about its a cocktail mix with RedBull and Original Jaegermeister flavour. Which isn’t too bad. 
However if any of you are following me on social media, which you should, just saying. You would know my love for coffee, which is ridicules I’m aware, on a normal day I have an average of 3 cups, on a busy day it can get up to double that, especially during fashion week but we all know how it is. But yeah, my point is coffee is awesome! That’s why I’ve diced to do my little mixture of coffee, honey and Jaegermeister in Cinnamon and Vanilla flavour! Very simple, very basic. Just like me. Not really.  Here’s what you do. 
1. Get your coffee
And get it black. It doesn’t matter if its a filtered one or an expresso, altho I would recommend for this to go easy on the expresso. It doesn’t matter what coffee you get, just make sure it’s black. I used the cheap kind, filtered coffee, but if you like something more to your caffeine, make sure to get a flavoured toffee filtered coffee, it’s amazing in this mix! However for the first time I’ve done this I did just the normal kind, and it’s still pretty good, if I say so myself. Do it the usual method, just boil some water, pour it into a mug (not glass, unless you want to break it) and now is when the “fun” begins because you need to wait a while for it cool down, in a mean time you can watch a tv show or your favourite movie, I for example was watching entire show of Tokio Hotel from their Schrei, 2006 tour, fun times!
2. Go get that sweetness
I personally when I drink my coffee black, I always like to add a bit of sweetness in there, and because it goes so well with alcohol, I’ve added a 2 spoons of white honey, and 
Once your coffee is ready and nicely cooled down, because you ain’t about to pour a boiling hot water to this glass. So once the black coffee is stone cold, you can always throw couple of ice cubes for faster effect, add a tablespoon of white honey, or any honey for that matter, I personally used white as it was the only kind I was in a possession of. And the amount now is totally up to you, it really depends how you like your drink. I added two table spoons of honey to get rid of the bitterness of the black coffee with alcohol, which does taste good together once mixed with something sweet of course, in my humble opinion anyway.


3. Add a pop of sour

To add the finishing touch to it I decided to add a pop of lime, and no, not only for the aesthetics of the images, altho I must admit the lime does go well with the Jagermeister bottle. I’ve thought a one drop or two of sourness would stabilise the sweetness of the honey and bitterness of black coffee, which it did, and it added this nice fresh effect to the drink.And voila, all done! I’m not going to lie, this is the sort of drink you should only drink if you really want to have a good night and are ok with a hangover for the next day (depending on how much you drink and your alcohol tolerance) but from my own experience this drink is strong, so please be careful and don’t go too cray cray on it.

Once again, I still cannot believe how long it took be to actually come up with it and actually post it! But as I said, I was feeling uninspired and this happens to the best of us. But hey, looking on a bright side at the end I did come up with something! For more information about Jagermeister and their new liquor check out their website and social media.


FTC: In collaboration with Jagerimeister, however this is not a sponsored post and all the opinions above are my true options. 











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