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Ok, yeah I know how late I am with this post as to be honest this should have been posted at least on the 1st of January but I was too busy curing my hangover from New Years and 2nd, well kind of the same I guess, but nevertheless here’s my recap of last year! And 2015 was definitely heck of a year! It was a rollercoaster of  experiences, emotions, learning and growing. I grew a lot, personally as well as professionally.  This year has definitely thought me a lot, about myself, the world and of course fashion. I can’t believe 2015 is at its end and soon we will welcome 2016 and wait for another set of challenges that life has in store for us. For now I’ve wanted to share with you my top 15 moments of 2015!
1. Print: Meade Magazine
If someone a year ago, two years ago, or anytime earlier than this year would have told me I’d be published in print, with no long life experience, special education, or without being super creepy to magazine editors,you know the kind you see in films, I would have laugh at your face. Seriously. Because I would have never, ever thought, that this kind of opportunity would ever be introduced to me!  And I am so happy, proud and beyond grateful that it did! Even thou it was only two print issues, I still feel like its a lot, and it has something to show for. I’m not going to lie, doing all this work for print, took me much longer planning and preparing than online stuff, it took more out of me, it caused more stress and anxiety than online ever did. But you know what, it was worth it, as weird and insane as it sounds! I loved it! Seeing something that i am so passionate about in the real pages, that i can hold, show off to my family and friends, and trust me I did, feels like doing all this work isn’t for nothing! That at the end of the day my ideas and thoughts matter and hopefully will make a difference in one way or another, even if it’s just a “Must haves” article, because at the end of the day even those type of articles, shine a touch of spotlight to those who’ve worked so hard in what they believe in. And I am proud of that! 
2. Styling my first editorial!
No supirse another great moment from 2015 had of course something to do with Meade Magazine, and this time it was more on the creative level. As I got to style and creative direct my first- 5-page-editorial-for-print (you may breath now)!! And once again, the amount of preparation and stress relating to this was unbelievable, ever since doing this shoot, or any photo shoot to be honest I have even more respect than ever before to every stylist, photographer, or creative director out there because the job isn’t as glamorous as it seems! However, the end results are kind of unreal, to actually see something like this in actual print, to see your creative vision on a 5 page spread is unbelievable! And what makes me even more proud of it is the short space of time everything was created, within couple of days we were ready to shoot, and I couldn’t be more proud of Alma to pull this off as well and the whole team! And what’s even more funny and amazing is that one of the designers clams this shoot gave her a kick start to fashion industry, as I found both designers before Graduate Fashion Week at UCA Rochester fashion show organize by Lewis and Leigh PR, and from coming from fashion designers background myself, I know how hard it is to do a collection! That’s why to think that my taste in fashion, helped someone to kick start their careers is out of this world!
3. Creative Direction: Working with Leroy Dawkins for Meade
Another top moment of mine from last year was of course another shoot!! Haha, can you guess that I generally love doing photo shoots? And as much as I enjoyed (and still enjoy) being them as a model, I much more prefer the role of a stylist or a creative director, it gives you a touch more control and power over what’s happening, and being a control freak that I am, these kind of jobs defiantly suit me more, sorry not sorry. This time, for this shoot and again for the print edition of Meade Magazine (I still need to pinch myself) I got to work with the lovely, Leroy Dawkins, who’s a fashion blogger and British fashion influencer, being the the blogging business way longer than I have, I knew he’d be the perfect fit for the Power Issue! Not only he was kind enough to work with me on the shoot and let me and Alma take control over the images but also had an interview with me!! And it’s a lenthy one as well! And even more ever since, he’s been an absolute sweetheart, and I don’t want to sound cheesy, but I feel like ever since I found myself another friend, that bitchy sense of humour and sarcastic tone literally kill’s me every time! In a good way of course! 
4. Moving out. Moving in
Another thing that happened in 2015 that’s completely surreal, and makes me want to pitch myself every-time I wake up just to make sure I’m not dreaming is the fact that I live on my own now! Well not enterally, I do have flatmates, but I moved out of my parents and now am a complete adult, paying rent, and stuff so ya! But it’s kind of weird thing to think about as moving out on my own was something I would be thinking about, dreaming and wanting to try for so long, mostly because I am a highly independent person and like to proper take control of my life and living on my own kind of makes it happen. But most importantly making that in a way life changing decision helped me do what I love, and that’s working in fashion, writing for Meade and doing this blog! Because living in London make’s all these things really happen for me rather then if I were to live somewhere else! And I love London way too much to give it up!
5. Tokio Hotel Concert

I think this isn’t only a highlight of 2015 but of my life in general, haha! And funny enough it’s nothing fashion related! I mean, you all know how much I love fashion and nothing in the world is going to change that but actually my love for fashion came from a band, and that’s the band that back in March 2015 I got to see for the second time! I’m talking about Tokio Hotel of course! I got to see my idols/puppies/everything ect. for the second time and I still cannot believe it! The entire experience of waiting for the concert to the actual show which was unbelievable, was just so nerve wracking that when my boys came on stage and Bill started singing “Covered in Gold” I legitimately started crying! And for the record, I’m not the type to cry but can you blame me? Apart from that I also got to meet more fangirls just like myself, which makes life so much easier because trust me eventually people get sick of you fangirling to them all the time, especially if they aren’t into the band as much as you are! Oh, did I mention that Tokio Hotel has also followed me on Twitter on the day of my birthday! Haha not a bad birthday gift (you should have seen my fangirl, omg!)
6. Events

As every year, since 2012 when I’ve first started blogging, 2015 was no different but filled with tone of events! And once again I still need to pinch myself to believe the experiences were real, the most events I get to go to are though Meade Magazine, but it’s still insane for me to think about the fact I get to experience and see all these collections, and meet all these people within fashion industry. Review the collections of brands and designers I remember seeing the pages of Vogue and dreaming of either wearing them or just seeing them in another way than a shop floor! And in 2015 this really happened, it makes me feel like what I do, matters! I got to see the collections from, Nicole Farhi, Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, H&M, Greg Jenkins and many more! I will of course talking about these collections one way or anther in Meade Magazine so don’t forget to keep an eye on that!

7. Cloudberry Bags

The brand that is Cloudberry Bags isn’t a stranger to this blog.  And I know that this year I haven’t styled as many looks using bags from this amazing brand, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t wear them on day to day basis and don’t love them as much as I’ve first discovered this brand! And in 2015 their constant support for this blog and my style was as big as ever! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a brand that supports my little ideas on fashion! I may sound stupid, because in all honestly who freaks out so much about this kind of stuff but it really means the world to me!
8. Zalando Blogger Suite
I think that was my first blogger event of 2015, even thou it was happening in April, but ah well, it doesn’t make it any less amazing! I was aware and a lover of Zalando for quite sometime, and to actually be invited to an event held by their team was kind of “WTF” moment for me, the best way possible of course! I got to experience the collections, the GIF booth, the coffee, the food and sharing this with my two unicorns Alma and Josh! Ahh, what would I do without them, haha! But sharing these things with your best friends really does make the experience even better! And last year that has also thought me an important lesson, fashion is about the people, not clothes (ironically)
9. Glo and Ray Blogger Event
As the massive make up lover I am a beauty event simply had to be included in this post! I was so kindly, invited by Glo & Ray and their PR team for my first ever, blogger event! Well I did go to other blogger events, but I was also kind of modelling there so I’m not sure if these count.. Anyway! As I said, this event just had to be in my top 15 list, because one, make up, and two, man, Glo & Ray! Need I say more?! Since I’ve discovered this brand, thought Meade Magazine, I fall in love with them! And during the event I could try the new products and meet other bloggers which was even more exciting as I don’t really get to do that! 
10. London Fashion Week
And just like last year LFW just had to be in this list, because well, can you blame me! It’s fashion week, the stress, coffee, shows, designers, load of work, ahh I want it all, gimme, gimme, gimme, I’m all about that life! And the reviews from the shows not only of course went to Meade, but they went to print! Like what?! I still can’t believe it, I’m sorry! But I got to experience those two seasons with the rest of Meade team, and of the team of my own/ my best friends/partners in crime/ unicorns? Alma and Josh! And I’m telling you, there’s nothing better than that! 
11. Shooting for Meade Magazine

To be completely honest, I’ve thought my modelling days are long past and gone, however in January I got to model for the magazine I also write for? Yes, I know bit strange, but I promise I did not choose myself haha! It was still an amazing experience, as I’ve reconnected to something that back in a day I really enjoyed, and also worked with a truly amazing team of people to create images that, later I would publish in the web pages of Meade along side with a review of Gossimar Wings! The experience was bit surreal, when it comes to these kind of things, or anything fashion related, I always tell myself “Do it for the designer! It is for them.” And it is. Even when I was modelling my first properly would be to make the designers and brands happy, and it still is, that’s because I know how much hard work it is to create a collection, and the respect I have for those creator, any creators in all honesty, is massive! 
12. London Collections: Men 
Last year was also a year where for the first time I got the chance to experience London Collections Men! And I’m talking about the shows that are organised by BFC! Just like London Fashion Week it was surreal! I do enjoy menswear a bit more than womenswear sometimes, it feels like there’s a lot more to expand, and I’ve noticed that LCM is way more calmer and relaxed than LFW, which as much as I in a way enjoy stress and it keeps me going, I do like the calmness of LCM! And again, I got to meet many amazing people, before or after the shows! Gosh, I live for the events in general!
13. Favourite Beauty Shoot
As all you may already noticed, I love my smokey eye, just like I like a good old fashioned red lip, so much in fact that back in March (I think, March? I don’t know) I’ve collaborated with a photographer and created a tutorial/photo shoot and doing a “major” make up faux pass and creating a smokey eye with red lip! And in all honesty, it isn’t a look that I’ve worn for the entire 2015, but for the time being and even know, I freaking love that combination! Mixed with the warmth of brown and golden the cool tone, red lip looked so well, cool! Such a perfect winter look, or overall year look! 
14. Favourite Event: MGS Press Day 

Fun fact about me! The more I like something, the harder it is for me to talk about it! And as the summer was slowly approaching its end, I was so kindly invited to see the new collections from many different watch brands, from Movado, Hugo Boss, Ebel, Coach and many more! I still need to pinch myself when I think about it! Also I’m thinking of doing a Throwback Thursday type of posts over here, to recycle past events and stuff that I never got a chance to share, let me know if that sounds like an idea to you! But again, being invited to such event, and through my blog, again, is such an honour as I’ve never thought I’d have that chance! So look out for the full post, hopefully in the near future (aka this month!) 


15. Favourite OOTD: Ghost Town 
This outfit comparing to the entire year, was rather recent but looking back it must have been my favourite outfit to wear in 2015! I mean look at it, it’s comfortable, casual, little elegant thanks to the cape, oh and all black! Do you need anything more, I think not! In general my favourite outfit’s of all time are all black, everything, but looking back last year I’ve wanted to challenge myself and post more casual and everyday outfits and actually these outfit’s were my favourite to wear!
Ghost Town

And that will be all! Thank you everyone for being part of my 2015 and helping me create all these amazing moments and memories! Roll on 2016 and let this year be even better, filled with creativity, hard work and amazing moments! Thank you for your constant support! Love you all! x x x

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