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It feels like absolute ages since I’ve did a “style” post on here, in fact if you think about it, the last post was in 2015 so technically it’s been a year! Ops, I’m not keeping up ain’t I? In fact after this post is published, I have no blog content, besides from some “Throwback Thursday” posts, that for a little bit will be a new segment here, as I have bunch of unpublished outfits, events and ect and I really want to share it with you, still but not in like a random post, so I guess for the next month or so, you’ll get a new post from me every Thursday, don’t have high expectations thou. Because I never actually released what a challenge it was to work full time and still mainting a blog, write for a publication and now I really wanna get into YouTube as well, on top of that did I mentioned that I’m currently working on couple of shoots and looking for an internship as well as am planning to start doing an online course to gain more knowlage to help me reach my goals for 2016?! 
Yeah, I’m guessing not much sleep will be happening this year but it’s ok. Because hard work and determination really pays off, I know it for myself if I look back, and especially when I did that recap on the here, I still feel there’s just so much more to be done! Sometimes it feels, even when I sleep that my brain just keeps going non stop, ok I know technically it does beocuse, duh otherwise I’d be dead but it’s not that. It’s the fact that those ideas are keep developing, new ideas are born and I have so many plans and stuff to do, but there’s just not enough time, or in my case especially, the technology fails. First my camera that got fixed, now doesn’t work again so for any filming or pictures I need to borrow Josh’s camera, and also in my flat there isn’t any internet… Yeah, I know “WTF?!” But hopefully this will be sorted out soon, because not to sound like an internet addict, I can’t live like this! But it’s not even about the internet but it’s also about this blog, Meade, YouTube and everything in between! I have my goals for 2016 and I’m going to reach them, for that I need internet, thanks! 
And I am about to mess up one of these goals, which is blogging on time. It’s currently 23:35pm in London and I meant to post this blog post 12 hours ago, ah well! Sunday Funday I guess! But this means people are at home, and as I’ve spent half of my weekend at my parents, the internet here works, but barely! I’ve been uploading images for this post for like 2 hours I’m not kidding and I still need to upload to my YouTube! *Screams aggressively enthusiastic yeah*  I mean the struggle is real! Nevertheless, enough of the ramblings!  To the outfit! This being shoot couple of hours before New Years celebrations could be counted as an outfit before the damage or as I’d like to say, after. At least it looks like it, not that it’s a bad thing! I love the entire, careless but well put together outfits, and when I look at this one, I like to tell myself that’s how mine looks. But in all honesty as I said I just love, and always have these kind of looks. They are comfy but it shows that the effort was made, which most of the time that’s what I like to show, even thou half of the time my outfit decision making is rather random and not planned at all. And maybe that’s why I always gravitated towards more grungy looks than anything else, I mean that Zoeva red lip is a typical 90’s grunge colour! But just like that red lipstick the elegance always as to be there as well. 






















Photography: Josh Milton 
Jacket – Vintage
Cardigan – Blue Vanilla
Top & Shoes  – H&M
Jeans – Primark
Earrings – Aldo
Crystal Necklace – Urban Outfitters
Razor Blade Necklace –
Rings –



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