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Can someone explain to me where the heck did the week go?! I swear it was just Monday!! I don’t know about you, but I am so not cool with how fast time flies, it just feels like summer was here and now we have almost end of the year and I am kindly asking, where did the time go?! I don’t know about you, but in my opinion it goes just touch too quickly, it almost feels like I can’t keep up with it! Writing articles by night, working by day, in between sitting in Starbucks trying to do all the internet stuff (and watch YouTube video’s let’s be real!) I said it not once, not twice but I think hundred times and I’ll say it again 24h is not enough!! I wish there would be a way to freeze time, can you just imagine how much more productive we all would be?! I could definitely do all the stuff I have plans to, like photo shoots, building my portfolio, doing internships, trying to sort out my career within fashion, blog, write, film and edit. Expand my knowledge, have social life while still being able to pay the rent and bills! 
I people that know me wonder why I don’t sleep! It’s not that I don’t want to, I simply don’t want to waste time on sleep, I know it sounds absurd but it’s true, on average we should get around 6-8 hours a sleep a night, I think I’m getting half of that, which could be the reason why I look like a zombie without make up, “I’m not tired this is just my face!” has been my excuse for the past two weeks! And it’s kind of true, because I love what I do too much to waste time for sleep where I could just do what I enjoy! I remember watching all the TV series and movies when I was younger how people my age lived their lives, and in some way I really wanted to live like that, parting, shopping and going out, you know the Gossip Girl kind of stuff but if I look at it now, I wouldn’t change how I live how for the world, unless someone kindly will transfer 1 million pounds into my bank account, that would be nice, thanks. But than again I can’t say that I’m also fully satisfied, because not being about doing what I love 24/7 absolutely kills me inside! I just want to be creative, do shoots, film, write and still be able to afford to live in London of course, which we all know it ain’t easy. London why the hell are you so expensive?! I’m not being funny but comparing the average earnings and rent prices, let me tell you. This is all one big joke! But we all need to make sacrifices I guess, looks like this Chanel 2.55 bag won’t be in my possession until couple of more years *sighs* 
Enough of the compelling! Earlier this week I’ve written my first ever guest post over at my fellow bloggers and friend, Declan’s blog Trainers and Chai (how more blogger can that name get?!) When he asked me to write about something I had some many ideas but than again so little, it’s weird, the concept of guest blogging is still quite new to me, I can write articles over at Meade no problem, but at over at other blogs I find myself getting bit stressed out, because most blogs now days are just like mine, personal style, in a way I want to show off my personality but not overshadow theirs. It’s kind of like getting invited to someones house for a party for the first time, you need to have fun but still be respectful of the space. You can read the article here  also please let me know your thoughts as well, as I l-o-v-e writing those kind of articles! 
You know what else I also love? Finding images I totally forgot about! Ok, that’s a lie, I knew I had these images, I just wasn’t sure when to post them, it’s bit strange, when it comes to posting on here I need for everything to make a perfect sense, and fit into the other post, or the music I’m featuring like, what’s up with that?! It’s kind of organised mess I guess. Just like my fashion sense, what a coincidence!! Josh and I shot these images ages ago, back in September, right before LFW I believe… As it was very basic day for us, just drinking overpriced coffee in the streets of Soho and judging the basics, because that’s what we usually do when we hang out, so exciting I know, you don’t have to tell me! As the autumn and winter season is here, I thought this outfit would also be perfect to post now, even thou it could be touch to cold to get away wearing this but ahh well as Alma would say “Y-O-L-O!”  I really liked how 90’s this outfit turned out to be, I blame the choker of course! 












Photography: Josh Milton 
Jacket & Shirt – Vintage
Top & Choker & Boots & Ring-
Shorts & Tights –  H&M
Necklace – Clairs
Leather Braclete – Dziki Zachod
Watch – Coach



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