It feels like I haven’t blogged for ages, where in fact it’s been just a week, I got myself into this awesome routine of  posting two blog posts (or/and a video) per week and now if I don’t do it, it feels utterly strange, like I’m missing our or something. In a way doing this, sharing my thoughts and perspectives with you guys is kind of addictive, I am a massive talker after all so no surprise that if I don’t let my opinions go free it will feel odd. So I am back with a new post and some new imagery, that for a change were shot by the lovely Georgie. Together with Josh we had lot’s of press days on that day, that no surprise I’m still trying to recover from and wrap my head around how much writing I have to do (still need to finish of Christmas stuff, opss!) I know I have this bad habit in leaving stuff for the last minute, in fact I am a big procrastinator. Especially when I have other stuff going on! When I come back from work I’m simply way to tired to open up my laptop and do stuff! Fun fact: for the past two night’s instead of doing  blog or magazine stuff at night like I usually do, I’ve been crashing the moment I get home! Like what?! Looks like someone needs a day off badly, ha too bad I don’t get those! 

And even though I am a massive procrastinator sometimes, I just can’t do nothing that’s why even on my days off my everyday job I will be doing stuff, shooting, filming, and writing. On the subject of filming. I have a bunch of video’s planned, I have a haul waiting for you, than I need to film one more, I’m also planning to film a make up video maybe and some other stuff, ever since I’ve learned how to use iMovie all I want to do is film and edit. In fact from hating editing now I love it to bits! I literally can’t wait to start filming lookbooks!! Ughh, can you just imagine! I’m sorry I’m really excited, but for now this will have to be done with Josh’s camera, as surprise, surprise, my stupid camera decided to stop working, again! I swear to god, I will lose my shit if I’ll send it to repair and it won’t work again. I’ve literally used it once, for filming and now it doesn’t work. Like Nikon, what are you doing?! I’m so getting a new camera after Christmas, because I can’t work like this. Literally. Rant over. 

And moving onto the outfit, because that’s usually how my blog posts tend to look like, intro, rant and outfit. Yep, that’s the really, me ranting all the time. I’m sorry I’m not that much of a positive person I guess.  Maybe that’s why I’m wearing lot’s of black (I’m kidding, btw). But I don’t wear black all the time, I like to mix my black outfit’s with dash of red, especially  red lipstick, oh boy, favourite. Thing. Ever!! Just like this Kristi Designs jacket, I swear I’m going to wear it until the day it will literally fall apart! Yep, that’s the plan! But can you blame me thou, look at it! It’s also the perfect shade of red! You know what’s the other red thing I love? Red eyeshadow, oh, my, god! Don’t even get me started!!! I’m planning to do a tutorial cos I have a perfect eyeliner and eyeshadow palette for this. Also I’ve just noticed that this outfit looks kind of Christmasy due to the amount of red but trust me it’s not intentional! Unless it’s Gothic Christmas! 




Photography: Georgie Minter-Brown 
Jacket – Kristi Designs
Top – Uni Qlo
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – 
Choker – Primark
Scarf – Mango
Lips – Mac Lipliner “Current” & Urban Decay lipstick “Shame” 


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    julia morow
    December 29, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    Great blog! Love your style!

  • Thank you so much for every comment made! Each one of them means a lot!

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