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Honestly, I can’t remember the last time publishing an outfit post and actually wearing it! Yep, I’m publishing this article the same day I’ve actually shoot the images, life is full of surprises isn’t it. But I couldn’t help myself, these images just turned out so good, despite the fact I’m feeling absolutely crap. But it’s December so that was bound to happen at some point, let’s just let it happen at the beginning of it and get it done with.  Because I’m currently feeling so done. With life of course, no, not really. As soon as December hits my immune system decides to give up on me. In other words. I’m getting sick, guys. Which is the worst timing ever considering the fact that it’s before Christmas and I can’t really (or don’t want to) take any sick day’s of work, plus I have other stuff to do, such a gift guides, shoots and well stuff so, no nope, no time for being ill. I will power thought it.

But today I felt really, au naturel, and decided to have no make up on, don’t put any heat into my hair and the only form of accessory is a beanie, which I’m obsessed with by the way! I’m honestly thinking of getting a black one, because you know. Aesthetics. It’s funny how my style changed, from having everything so different and unique to quite simple and classic. And as I would have stated couple of years ago, quite boring. But now. Well, we change, so are our opinions, when I’ve first started blogging I swore not to post “boring” outfits, I’ve always strived to publish the “interesting ones” or the “unique ones” and most of the time the only outfits I’ve worn 2 days out of a week. Let’s face it, sometimes being practical is way better opinion than being fashionable. Especially since you aren’t so bothered, and with the weather going slowly below zero, so does my motivation for looking presentable, ops, I mean fashionable, I hope I look presentable here. But than again, I don’t really care. This is me. In my natural state, no make up, in comfy clothing and with a cold sore on the right side of my lip (I’ve hid it with my hair cos no one needs to see this). In other words. I have zero fucks to give today! Anyone has those days? Because I tend to have weeks of those, haha. But as the warmer days are all about dressing up, the colder ones are getting lazier and lazier, in terms of fashion, which I quite like, it feels more bit more me, because we all know I don’t run around in heels as much as I would like to, and I certainly don’t wear make up everyday. When I wear make up to work, my colleagues are asking me whenever I’m going anywhere afterwards. But sometimes, when we don’t make enough effort, and are more ourselves that’s when we appreciate more the special, “looks” we wear or come up with. Or is this just me. Please say “no”.
















Photography: Josh Milton 
Jacket – Vintage
Sweater – H&M
Jeans – Primark
Shoes – 
Beanie – Muji
Bag – Duffer


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