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Ok, I cannot believe how late I am with this outfit post! I mean about 4 months late, or 5 I lost the count and it doesn’t really matter considering the fact I’m posting a summer inspired look in freaking November! Usually I tend to say “What the hell is wrong with the world?” but this time I’m going to say “What the hell is wrong with me?” I mean really?! Like I get life get’s busy but this is ridiculous! Don’t worry darlings, I promise I will try to keep you up to date as much as possible, even if that means blogging straight from the insights of Starbucks. Which is what I’m currently doing, how basic of me! I know, I’m sorry. However internet in my place is down, my data run out or just doesn’t want to work, because that’s been the case for over 2 years… Once again #firstworldproblems!

I seriously need to stop moaning on here, otherwise you will think that I’m an extremely negative person and that’s not true at all, entirely at least. I mean  I like a good rant as the next girl but I honestly need to control myself on here, that’s what Twitter is for 🙂
But I kind of feel inspired to do more rants and be more random on here, with the whole social media scandal of a certain blogger / YouTuber  (I think you all know who I’m talking about) saying that social media is fake, I kind of agree with her in a way because I am getting sick and tried of how I portray my life online or how some people view it! Can you believe some people said to me I live the dream, or my life a glamorous?! When it’s anything but! Sure there’s a massive side of me I don’t show off, both in real life and social media, and thinking about it reminds me not to get caught up in how other bloggers poetry their life on the internet. Because no one wants to hear the negatives, no one wants to hear that the reason why I don’t blog as frequently as I want to is because I work full time to support myself, since I’ve made the decision to live on my own, because the thought of leaving London was way to terrifying for me to handle. I  made  a promise to myself that I will do whatever I can to say in this city, because I don’t see myself anywhere else. Or I can’t see myself being able to cope in another city other than London. I had one major move, and that was in 2006 when I’ve moved from Poland to London, and it look me 5 years to properly adjust and finally be happy where I was!

And massive part of it is the fact I’ve discovered that my love for creativity, communication and self expression can actually become true, when creating this blog couple of years later, I understood that sharing my thoughts with the world is what I meant to be doing! And if that means, sleepless nights, working to support myself in order to stay in London to keep this blog going and archive my goals, than that’s what I will do! I’m telling you the determination inside me is massive, bigger than anything, because I would die if I wouldn’t be able to express myself. I know it sounds so mellow dramatic, but it’s true. And about expressing myself. I am really, really considering to going back to vlogging and doing YouTube videos, I love moving image, and watch more YouTube video’s than I read blogs, I did a bit of vlogging and typical YouTube videos here and there, but since getting my MacBook Pro, editing shouldn’t be too much of a problem, all thought I am still learning, and hopefully I will be able to get a new camera, with a viewfinder (so half of the time I won’t be out off focus) on a boxing day, sadly I’m bit too poor to get one right now. Ughh why does our passions cos so much!? But you know what? It’s all worth it! I can give up public transport and walk everywhere, haha! Ok we are on the 3rd paragraph and I still didn’t go on the topic of the outfit, how the hell will I keep the YouTube videos under 20 minutes?! It will be an interesting challenge I’m telling you! Ok, yeah the outfit, totally outdated but I will share it anyway! I love how these pictures turned out, I’ve always enjoyed looking at adverts and editorial shoots, I know most of the pictures I publish aren’t even close, but the editorial shoots must be my fa thing, eva!! There’s just so much freedom and in a way realness, creativity and at times randomness on them, I love the moment, and “walking” shoots! I find them so much more interesting than just standing around shoots, on me anyway. And when outfit is quite simple, like here, you need a bit of movement,and a bold lip of course!


















Top – New Look
Shorts – H&M
Shoes – Adidas
Sunnies – H&M
Necklace – Pull & Bear
Ring- Vintage
Bracelet- Dziki Zachód
Earrings – Dior
Lipstick – Glo & Ray 


Thank you so much for every comment made! Each one of them means a lot!

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