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Wow! What’s happening, two blog posts in a week?! Nope, you’re not dreaming! It’s funny how moving back to London helped me to bit more organised with my time, still need bit of work, but getting there. But as I said in my previous post, being back in this wonderful city help’s me breath again, and who care’s that I’m broke most of the time, we need to make sacrifices for what we do, and this is mine, for this blog, for fashion and hopefully for my future career, gosh I really hope I won’t regret it, and my stubbornness will not turn back on me and put me in a situation where I will have to move back with my parents, because I don’t think I could even with it! Don’t get me wrong, my parents are great, I love them to bits and they’re both my biggest supporters in what I do, however it’s not the fact that I will have to live with them, it’s more of where. As I said before, living outside of London is just not for me!

And as I’m writing this, sitting in Starbucks, and listing to Led Zeppelin, which oddly enough doesn’t come from my headphones but from the speakers of the coffee shop! Great music taste, Starbucks in Tottenham Court Road! Yeah, I don’t know what else to say. I went to press days today and filmed for my YouTube channel, so that happened. I maybe going out later today, but I also want stay in my bed for the rest of the evening, adult decisions are so hard, I’m telling you! Do I get a goodnight sleep, no, not really I don’t know if you can call 4 hours of sleep a good night sleep. Or I can go out and see Alma, and I haven’t seen her since these photos’s been taken so, I guess I’ll go out! Haha, such a responsible adult, I know! I will regret it tomorrow, I swear! But ahh well, life I guess. Also guess who’s going to be out tomorrow as well! Yas me! I swear I don’t know the meaning of “chill”, on my day’s off my day job I still technically work, these day’s are for writing, editing, blogging, press events and now more filming. I need to find like a temp job cos I swear I can’t wait any longer to get a new camera, because I want to do more videos so much! I filmed one massive haul this morning but will cut it into two, because it’s way too long for YouTube standards, but it’s something I hope to really get into. Not only to expand my horizons, such a fancy term I know(!) but to get another platform for self expression, considering the fact that I have such a passion for moving imagine.

Anyway, I know it’s hard for me to get to the point, I’m sorry! So yeah, I’ve worn this super casual outfit ages ago, back when Leroy Dawkins, one of the bloggers and stylist I got chance to work with asked me, oddly enough because I’m not a photographer, but I do like a good challenge, so I took few images, with a kind help of Alma, because when it comes to technology I’m not the brightest. You can see the images on Leroy’s blog I’m not gonna lie, I’m quite happy with them and also not that I’m bragging but these were also published on Leroy’s modelling portfolio so that’s quite an achievement considering the fact I’m a total amateur! Do I post these on my online CV/portfolio that I’m working on now? Well we’ll see haha. Decisions, decisions. Well thank gosh that the simple and casual outfit’s don’t need much decision making! I’m lazy thinker sometimes, I’m sorry! Anyway, I will peace out now, as I see the Starbucks stuff are giving me evil looks. So till later! Enjoy the photos! 















Photography: Alma Rosaz 
Jacket- Vintage
Top – All Saints
Jeans & Shoes – H&M
Necklace –
Choker – New Look
Earring – Claires
Bag – Zara

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