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Good Morning darlings!!! How is going? I can’t believe it’s already Monday, where has the past week gone? It feels like the day’s going faster and faster, I could have sworn we just had Friday! But than again, I never care about weekends as I always tend to work during them, I’ve asked for it, weird I know. Most people prefer to have weekends off, to go out, or meet up with friends or whatever… I personally prefer having them filled with work and have weekdays off, so I can do more work? Call me crazy but I really do, on weekdays I’ve noticed that I get more productive and actually get crap done, than just lazying around on Sunday’s morning, because that totally happens believe me. Or I just watch bunch of YouTube videos and by the time I know it’s 10pm and it’s too late for me to post anything! The struggles we’re going thought I’m telling you! Well, I’m not going to lie, mine is definitely time management, let me get into Tumblr or YouTube, bam that’s my day d-o-n-e! 

But I really want to work on it, and get stuff done! Because oddly enough the more I read other people’s blogs, the more I realize how writing my own makes me happier, and in some strange way give’s me purpose? I don’t know, I just know I really want to go back to the habit to writing more and sharing more, and believe I have so much to share! And one of these things are these photos! Me and Josh shot them around October, end of September if I remember currently, these days must be my favourite , for two reasons, the weather isn’t as cold, so I can get away with wearing t-shirt with leather jacket, which I’m sure you know, it kind of became my staple, found ages ago in Camden town, for only 50 quid! I love thrifting I’m telling you!!!  I also love mixing the fabrics and materials I am wearing, playing with the silhouettes and shapes, wearing clothes in less practical ways to give them new meaning. Because fashion doesn’t always have to be practical, which is rich coming from me, as I can’t remember the last time I’ve shot such a “basic” and casual outfit! But I’ve wanted to show you more of what I wear day to day basis, and this outfit couldn’t be better example! I also love how grungy/punky it turned out! And funny thing is when I was 15 I would have worn the exactly same outfit, just wearing different brands of course, it’s funny how more we think our style changes, it actually doesn’t, it can evolve, sure, but I honestly believe my style will never fully change, just grow, just like me. And my music taste, while writing this I’m listing to the new Coheed and Cambria album” The Colour Before the Sun”, how good is this album?!  And how did I not listen to them before?! Was I living under a rock? Probably!  This must be my album of October/November

And what are your favourite albums of the past 2 months? Comment bellow and give me more music to share! Love x 






















Photography: Josh Milton 
Jacket –  Vintage
Top –  Brandy Melville
Jeans – Gina Trickot (Sweden)
Shoes & Rings & Tattoo Chocker –  
Necklace – H&M



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