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Wait,  what do you mean October and Halloween is over and we almost have December?! Haha, ok I can’t remember properly what month me and Josh shot those images, I think it was right after Halloween considering the fact I am wearing one of my colourful contacts on from my Halloween costume, I was female version of Marilyn Manson haha. But as I love Halloween so much and dressing up even without an occasion I couldn’t pass the opportunity to play around with my looks and be touch creepy for one more day, I’m pretty sure I freaked out every PR person we’ve seen on that day as it was a full day full of press days for me and Josh. And as always we took 20 minutes from our hectic schedule and took these photos, which I must say I am really happy about. I love the creepy vibe my right (or left I don’t know) eye gives along with the fallen leafs, all black witchy outfit and of course school building just chilling behind me, because let’s face it there isn’t anything more creepy than school, right kids? Thank gosh I’m out of it!

Trust me, if someone would pay me one million pounds to go back to school I wouldn’t nahaa! Would not happen! Don’t get me wrong, I love learning and exploring however the environment of school and whole system is something I am bit against it, but that’s just my punk side coming out haha. Because even without school we can learn so much. I kid you not, I’ve learned so much the moment I’ve left school and started working! Well I was still in college when I started my crazy adventure with fashion but you get the point. You have so much more freedom, there aren’t any rules or boundaries! You can explore, try different things, change your mind and than change it again, work with different people, see what works for you and what doesn’t. When you’re at that education environment you sometimes think it’s all permanent, and you will be there forever, and that’s not going to happen. Altho I truly believe we never stop learning, one day you will be out of there and can really see what you want to do with your life. It’s funny to think that just 4 years ago, not even 4 years but 2 years ago my dream was to be a fashion designer, have my own line and just create and create. This dream is still somewhere within me, but instead of creating garments, I’m creating this. This blog, my little online space. Where I can be as random and passionate as I wish, formal and crazy. Share whatever I want. And you know what. It’s pretty damn amazing!


















Photography: Josh Milton 


Cape – H&M
Jeans – H&M
Shoes –
Bracelet – Swarovski
Earring – Clairs 
Lipstick – “Black Mail” by Urban Decay


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