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Events, events, event, I honestly can’t get enough of them! I call myself an event whore for a reason! I mean as I write this, I am getting ready for another set of them, well it’s November which mean’s press days!! And doing both blogging and writing for a magazine it means I have twice the work, however I am not complaining. Event’s are in my blood, I adore attending them, meeting all the fashion people, learning about their journey and thoughts on the fashion situation. I love finding all the new brands, that I’ve never heard of, or sometimes brands tend to find me. That was the case with Blue Vanilla. You can only imagine my excitement, especially if the brands aesthetics is utter perfection!
Couple of weeks ago (ok around two months ago, life get’s busy, don’t judge) I was so kindly invited to attend their SS16 blogger breakfast and of course if there’s coffee and fashion involved in a beautiful location, of St Martins Lane Hotel I couldn’t possibly say no! And as always I attended with my trusted fashion partner in crime, Josh, isn’t he the greatest event photographer, he knows exactly how to capture my laughing face and bad sides (!)  I must say, you guys can say whatever you want but you must admit, advertising game of Blue Vanilla is. on. point! I mean, I can’t turn around not to see a banner or a poster featuring this brand, and that’s not a bad thing, I love when a brand knows how to do settle branding, it’s not overwhelming but its noticeable. You slay them adverting game Blue Vanilla, you slay them! And you know what else slayed?
 The actual collection for ss16, I completely loved the boohoo vibe, even though it’s not really my style, it looked so good, and the collection had couple of vintage inspired looks as well as some really stunning long knitwear that would make every grunge lover want the pieces.! And of course guess was lusting over them? Me! I’m telling you, once I get my pay these babies are going to be mine!  And even thought the breakfast event was meant to show the SS16 collection, in my stunned shock the collection even included some fur coats, and if you can guess by the outfit I was wearing, besides from a leather jackets there’s nothing more I love than a fur coat! And one from Blue Vanilla in grey and white as definitely caught my eye, once it’s out I am ready not to sleep to get my hands on that baby!


























Photography: Josh Milton



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