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Well, Helloww again. So sorry for almost a month of absence, but it’s been kind of insane busy on my part. With working full time, trying to get to the shows on time (which should be easy considering I had only few shows this season) but the biggest challenge of all was travelling. Since moving away from London in beginning of September, the commute to the big city turned out a bigger challenge (and an expensive one) than I’ve thought! I’m not gonna lie. I hate it. I hate the fact that in a way I’m ditched out of everyone and everything. The long hours of taking train’s every week. And I surely miss the atmosphere of London! Hopefully this won’t be for much longer as I’m trying to relocate back to London, but I’m just starting to realize how expensive life in London get’s! Well it is one of the most expansive cities to live in the world. How fancy!

But enough of personal drama, I jut thought to give you a quick update on that’s been happening as of late and excuse of my absence. London Fashion Week is over and done with, and so is all the drama of what to wear etc. The only differance this season for me at least, was the fact that it wasn’t a problem. As for one and half years of going to London Fashion Week, my outfits were on point (not sounding vain at all) and organised more than my own life. However this season that wasn’t the case at all. As until the last few days before LFW has started I didn’t even know whenever I could make it or not. Therefore planning the outfits and requesting the items wasn’t on my mind at all (ok I admit, it was little bit) so here you go a very spontaneous outfit that I’ve worn for my first day of LFW, technically second one as I went to LFW only for the weekend.

As my usual LFW outfits are bit, well out there. For this time of year I tend to go for colour, boldness and total uniqueness rather than comfort, let’s face it, it’s fashion week after all, not the olympics where comfort is the key. No, it’s all about the style. This time I went for something very simple and modern, I kind of felt like fashion editor wearing this outfit haha. That could be because I’ve watched lot’s of Vogue related video’s on YouTube, that’s where my inspiration could come from. Another time around I went to LFW with the beloved Meade Magazine, I still need to finish editing the articles and photos, but bare with me. This week I have the reviews coming.  In the mean time you just have to be happy with this quite outfit post. I don’t know what is going on with my style, it could be the fact it’s autumn and I feel rather grungy so it’s natural for me to gravite towards 90’s fashion and a tattoo choker’s are my go to! Not gonna like, even thou this might not be my “usual” LFW styling I am rather proud of it, and as the days will become warm again I will definitely recreate this outfit again.











Photography: Josh Milton


Top – New Look
Bra & Choker & Rings –
Pants – Mango
Bag – Zara
Shoes – H&M
Necklace – Iridescence 


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