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It’s Monday! 26th of October which means, 31st is in 5 days, which means Halloween is in 5 days, which means, costumes, chocolates (alcohol, I’m keeping it real, leave me alone haha) and scariness to the fullest! It’s no surprise that I just love Halloween! It must be one of my favourite special occasions out of the year and that is including Christmas and my birthday combined! Don’t we all like a little scary action going on? Don’t we all like to dress up and be someone else for a second, even if it’s just for one night. Due to my love of horror, dark clothing and make up I feel like sometimes Halloween is that one night a year where I can go on the street, dress in whatever I want without being judged, because hey, Halloween!

And this post isn’t nothing related to Halloween really, besides from me fangirling over this “holiday.” Don’t expect a make up tutorial, or a costume idea or how to throw a Halloween party. I would totally loved to give you all of that this week, however because I’ve been a ball of tried stress lately I couldn’t come up with anything, which I absolutely hate but what can I do, well I can recycle some kinda old photos, edit them to the absolute fullness to get that scary effect and bam! We have Halloween post ready, well kind of, I don’t know you tell me. These photos were shot ages ago, before LFW I believe, it was just a casual day of me and Josh walking around Old Street to find a place to shoot our outfits, and gasp over hot men, because that’s what normal people do (!) And as I want to get into the habit of posting more casual outfits, because that’s what I wear on day to day basis. To be honest off duty I am a very lazy fashion person.

And that’s why jeans, a plain black turtle neck statement necklace and boots are my go to! Usually in black, but this time I’ve wanted to play around with colour a little bit as my hair was purple at that time and I’ve thought grey, black, silver and blue blended in quite nicely with them. And of course this stunning purple lipstick! And who in the world would name a lipstick “Heroine”, honestly I hate this industry sometimes *sarcasm* Once these photos were shot and I sat down to edit them,because I always take care of my editing, that’s how big of a control freak I am, I’ve thought do to something different. Sure, these would look amazing in their natural state, with some contrast correction which I’ve left placed some of these here but for the rest I’ve decided to go crazy and edit them properly, make my eyes look like vampires, do the typical black and white contrasting to add the scare to them, my inspiration from watching too much horror I guess. And bam! We have ourselves a lazy Halloween related post. Are you proud of me?















Photography: Josh Milton 
Cardigan – Primark
Top – Petit Bateau
Jeans – H&M
Shoes & Ring- 
Bracelet – Vintage 
Lipstick – “Heroine” by MAC 



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