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I’ve never thought that in 3 years of writing this blog I would ever and I mean ever write a blog post titled “I can’t even”! I mean I can’t even with this. But the reason for such title (that I’m sure Mama Josh would be proud of 😉 ) it not only an actual song called “I can’t even”, which you can find at the end of this blog post, as always. The title of this blog post being “I can’t even” is because I literally can’t even anymore! Even is officially lost, you get me?! And the reason why even is lost, my lovely readers and visitors is because I really, really, really can’t even with the way my days and life is looking at the moment. As I’ve beautifully phrased it earlier today, I don’t live anymore, I exist. 

And what do I mean by that? I mean that I wake up, go to work, get home, eat, check my email, have a quick shower and bam off to bed cos I have to wake up at 6am in the morning! Ok, fine I stay up till 3am at least anyway just browsing tumblr but that’s not the point. It feels like my life is this monotone existence and in all honesty not even I can’t even with this but I also can’t deal with it! When I was younger this type of life was my biggest fear and nightmare, that growing up I would just exist, without any passions, and goals and just do normal job and that being it! But while writing this I’m starting to realise that my life may not be as monotone as I’ve thought. Because right now I’m vending all of those emotions and thoughts on here, giving you a little bit more part of me. 

Anyway, before even was lost Josh and I went for a casual hipster coffee shop search and guess what, we’ve found it! Located in the suburbs of Hoxton (not really suburbs I just really like the sound of it)  we’ve found the cutest little hipster coffee shop, with tables made out of wood, with flowers on the tables and the hottest waiters I’ve seen in the longest time on the floor! And the-best-over-priced-salted-and-chocolate-ice-cream I’ve ever ate! Oh boy! And as being a smart adult that eats ice cream on the rather chilly day, it only makes sense that on that day I was wearing sweater and my autumn/all year around boots! Not really, as I’ve just bought them last month but it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been wearing these type of shoes since 2009! Yep, you’ve read it right, when there’s something I love, I’m most likely to wear it till I die, or wear it on my death bed…either way. But come on can you blame me? I find heeled boots, long jackets and classic handbags so easy to wear, whenever its just for a casual day or for a dress up. And as I dont have any jewellery whatsoever this is my lazy, everyday type of look, and this year I really wanted to share more these type of looks! What are your thoughts? Do you prefer wearing casual outfits or play a little dress up?















Photography: Josh Milton 
Top & Jeans & Shoes: H&M



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