Hey, guys, long time no event post (!) I’m sorry but everyone who know me, knows also that I’m a massive event addict. And as it’s October that means tones of events, from fashion, beauty and of course those that are more meaningful than glamour and massive ego of the fashion crowd. And as much as I adore this environment, once in a while it’s good to take a step back and get involved into something slightly more insightful. 
And exactly a week ago that’s what I’ve done. Being kindly invited by Boxed Out PR, for the third annual event, “Wear it for Autism” at the stunning Millennium Hotel, located at the centre of Knightsbridge. The event that took place on the 4th of October was hosted by the leading autism advocate Anna Kennedy OBE. Hosted by Anna herself, presented by various personalities from Denise Welch, Jane Moore, Richard Mylan and Caprice, couldn’t get any better and exciting, not this year anyway! 
Living with any kind of disability or having your loved ones living with one can be difficult, sometimes it makes you feel isolated, left out and like your not trying hard enought, even if you do. That’s why “Wear it for Autism” was created. For the thrid year in the row, the individuals with autism, were selected from a judging process earlier in the year, had a make over done,went unto the stage of the catwalk and shared their stories! The awards went to people who have a member or know someone with autism and are always ready to give a helping hand to them from family members, grandparents, mothers, fathers to carers and teachers as well as teaching assistants. Given awards for their patience, passion and dedication as well as helping making world more open to the idea of autism and to the fact that we as people are all the same regardless to anything.
Ladies being dressed in stunning night gowns by a fashion designer Kaffa Mockbill, and gentleman looking dapper in suits from Thomas Farthing, the winners of last weeks event, led the catwalk looking beautiful as ever! But that wasn’t all. Myself the rest of of the audience were stunned the performances of many sort, from the voices of West End star Amanda Posener, Ray Lewis and amazing dance moves of the dance crew from Pineapple Dance Studio. Other from that I’ve also seen and experienced the amazing talent of Calvin Glen, Aston Avery and Thomas Puttock! Their talents had me seriously question my life choices! And of course the night could not end any better than an award for the amazing charity work done by Anna Kennedy who was awarded Autism Campaigner of the Year Award by Achieve Magazine. 
“Wear it for Autism was a massive success, and the response has been overwhelming. I want to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters and everyone involved, and a massive congratulations to all of our winners and families, you deserve your special day!” – Anna Kennedy OBE, Founder of Anna Kennedy Online.
“Wear it for Autism” are already preparing for 2016. For further information about nominating a loved one or getting involved please email lisa.robins@thevines.org.uk

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    SHould be more of these events.
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