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I think it’s time to post a new blog post before I forget I have a blog. Especially since now I’ve set my domain and blog email ( if you have any questions and enquirers about blogging and stuff please email me there, or even say hi, I love hearing from you and each, comment, tweet, like just make my day. It’s like having bunch of friends! Because trust me, my non fashion/non blogger friends are just sooooo sick of me talking about fashion all the time! I have also noticed there is lot’s of jealous when it comes to it, which I can’t blame them for, as trust me there are bloggers which I get so jealous of that my even is lost! But instead turning my back on them I support them! However I guess that’s a very easy way of knowing who you’re friends for the moment and who’s going to be there forever, so honestly. No regrets whatsoever! Because if I’ll lose one “real life friend” for 10 readers who I can share everything with and get to know them – I don’t want to sound cold hearted – but it’s worth it. 

But I feel like that’s one of the reason’s why me and Josh get along so well! We are on the same level, both writing for other people, Josh for Men’s Official and myself for Meade Magazine, doing outfit shoots together, and always going together to the events while judging all the basics. It’s beautiful I’m telling you! Everyone needs that kind of friendship! And as I was talking about blogging, here’s the link, for the article written by Meade Magazine, Editor-in-Chief, Fossy Meade! And I couldn’t agree more with it, I beg you, click on that link and read it. Because the points that Fossy made are so true that my even has been lost! I personally love these kind of articles, and I know you do as well, both reading and writing. Because let’s face it, at the end of the day if what we do doesn’t make even small difference what’s the point. But most importantly, and I don’t know how much I can stress it, love what you do. Because yes, I am a blogger, I get to go to parties, am published, collaborate with brands and live my dream, but at the same time the cost of it make’s me live on liters of coffee (not Starbucks) and noodles and not even the aesthetically pleasing one. 

Thank gosh, when it comes to this outfit the aesthetics are on point, and that’s only my opinion, I’m having a vain moment, let me enjoy it for second, this doesn’t happen often haha. As much as I love monochrome and simplicity. Leather and studs. There are times when I like sport aesthetic, and these are usually happening during busy day’s of press days. If you’re thinking I’m running around in heels, you are so wrong, this can only happen for fashion week (and I still have no idea what to wear for September shows. HELP!) But my style is one big mess in a good way of course, it always changes but it doesn’t make it less me. That’s why I hate when other people put labels to it, because once you classify yourself as a “punk” “chic” “grunge” ect people don’t expect anything else from you and the fun is gone! 

And remember, fashion suppose to be fun! 












Photography: Josh Milton
Jacket – Kristi Designs
Top – Primark
Trousers – Miss Selfridge
Shoes – Nike
Scarf – Hermes
Bag – Zara 


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