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The day has finally come! Yes, I know I’m doing a blog post, wow! But I’m not talking only about the blog, I’m also talking about the photos! I’m so happy to finally share with you these images me and Alma shot after our editorial shooting back in April (or May, I can’t even remember). Yes, that’s how much I’ve waited. Talk about patience. But yes, the day has finally come and as I was saying it’s not only about those photos, although I love them so much! Last week the 5th issue of Meade Magazine came out! And it’s all about power! I honesty couldn’t be more happy and proud to contribute to a publication that is true to it’s believes, creative, and always about supporting others. Some people ask me how do I stay grounded working in fashion. Well this is how! You can find many amazing fashion, beauty and lifestyle articles, photo shoots, must haves and more! You can purchase it >here<

What I have also got an amazing chance to do was to style an entire editorial! 5 freaking pages! Like what?! I don’t know, my mind is still blown, because in a million years I wouldn’t think I’d get the chance to style an editorial yet alone for print! And I loved every single second of it, even thou on the day I was stressed so much, you could see it clearly on my face, but I care about what I do that’s all I can say haha! I have also interviewed a fashion blogger sensation, Leroy Dawkins from The Diary of the Clotheshorse, finding out about his blogging success and also creative direct a shoot with Alma that was publishes along with the interviewed which was so freaking awesome!!! Not that I’m bossy at all haha. 

And as for interviews.Also I’ve wanted to introduce a new segment coming to this blog, and that’s interviews! Throughout my blogging, even till  now I have an amazing opportunities to meet and work with so many influential creatives within the fashion industry (and not only!) It would be just such a waste not to share their thoughts with you. Each month I will pick a someone from fashion, beauty, lifestyle or music industry to interview (that also includes bloggers) and will try to get as much information from them as possible, you can also request people to be interviewed and ask your own questions! 

And finally, the outfit! Yeah, I literally couldn’t wait to share this outfit with you! Being shot right after the editorial shoot, not only it brings the memories of that day but these images will remind me that hard work pays off! However, this shoot not being my first one to style, I knew the comfort was the key! Yes, it’s fashion and we all like to look elegant and sophisticated but comfort is the key, especially since I was filming, running around with jewellery across the studio (literally!) done 10 outfit changes on 3 different models and looked after the clothes and jewellery borrowed for the shoot. Working in fashion is hard work people! As we were shooting using the stunning leather jewellery by Tanya Igic, which I’m still fangilring over her amazing pieces!!!! I’ve thought to use this opportunity to use some of the pieces not used on the editorial and style them on myself, using the red leather roses, on silver chain necklace that’s so settle but still pops up, which is exactly what you’d want from jewellery, as well as the earrings with the same design. I’m not going to lie I was bit sad giving back her amazing designs as I loved every single piece! Paired up with my Kristi Design red coat, and red ostrich Cloudberry Bag which I’ve gotten around a year ago, and you know their bags are my go to! Also they’ve added up some amazing designs, and once again, can I be greedy and have it all?! Please? But in all honestly this outfit must be my favorite, as it represents my style and look on fashion ideally, leather, heel, elegant bag, could a girl ask for anything more?! I think not! 




Photography: Alma Rosaz 
Jacket – Kristi Design
Shirt – Primark
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – George at Asda
Jewellery – Tanya Igic 
Scarf – Hermes 


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