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Anddddddddd…. I’m back. Hi! Currently, chilling in Joshes student apartment as this week is super hectic with press days and what not, that it’s better for me to stay at this and not travel like crazy each day to Central London. But at least we have time to shoot lot’s of looks and images (not really so far we haven’t shot anything but I’m going to make sure we will) I have so much to share with you that I have no idea how I’m going to do that haha. Well I could post a new post everyday but I find bloggers that post each day a bit overwhelming so I’m not going to do that. So far the two posts in a week works for me and in time I might extend it, we’ll see.

Around two weeks ago Josh and I went shooting this post and little bit of shopping which you can see it all >here< as I’ve vlogged the entire experience, I need to admit, I’m getting into the hang of vlogging and enjoy it more and more. It’s just another way to store the stuff I’ve done, even if it’s a typical “boring” day. Oddly enough I find these kind of vlogs more interesting in a way, I just love watching people do nothing, it makes me feel less alone I guess.  Also if you watch the vlog, you would hear me saying that I’ve filmed a fashion video featuring this outfit. And I did I just can’t be bothered to edit it… As I edit everything on Windows Media Live, there’s this black frame around each video, which for vlogs it doesn’t bother me as much but for fashion videos or YouTube videos in general I just can’t stand it! So looks like you may have to wait until I invest in MacBook and possibly new vlogging camera. Why is being blogger or/and YouTuber so freaking expensive?! 🙁

Life is hard man…Thank gosh that the fashion choices aren’t as tough! For a day full of walking the only reasonable shoe choice were of course trainers! Since the past year, trainers became my go to shoes! I’m not even kidding, once wearing them only for running, now these are my partners in crime almost everyday, can you blame me, walking for 4+ hours couple of days straight is an effort and as much as I love my heel, trainers are way more comfortable #sorrynotsorry. And another thing that is my current obsession in navy color! Who am I?! I use absolutely despise navy color! On anything! Now I just can’t get enough of it! Possibly with creams, whites, reds and of course my beloved blacks!













Photography: Josh Milton 
Jacket – Primark
Top – Jaeger
Pants – Mango
Belt – H&M 
Shoes – Nike
Bracelet – Swarovski
Lipstick – MAC “Ruby Woo” 



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