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Looking back to even as far as year ago I still can’t believe doing this changed my life! 
When talking to other bloggers or other people in the industry who are very aware of my blogging (or the lack of it) and what I do. Sure I really enjoy doing what I’m doing and that is sharing every inch of my life that I can whenever it’s thorough photos, text or video. However I never fully understood, till this point how doing this little thing for over 2 years has helped me to develop and shape my personality and look on life, not fully anyway but I can guarantee you that if I wouldn’t have this little space on the internet I wouldn’t be the person I am today. And even thou I don’t blog as much as I’d like to, the fact that I love it hasn’t changed, trust me whenever I talk to someone my blog always comes up in the conversation. Not because I’m bragging, but it’s because I love it and am proud of it! I’m sure each of you bloggers will agree with me that maintaining a blog is a lot of work, from the creation of the content, online marketing, shooting outfits and tutorials… Where most advertising and marketing companies have 10-20 people to maintain a website and social media, we do it all my ourselves. If I think about it, blogging “(and YouTube) is in a way a talent, not everyone would be able to maintain it, and even thou my  blogging isn’t as constant as I’d like but I try 🙂 

And try is a perfect word to describe my blogging these days, we all know the images posted on blogs are usually pre-shoot, but these images are wayyy pre-shoot! And I’m talking about as far as 3 weeks ago, before LC:M! Opss… but hey at least you get these! I can’t even tell you how many outfits I’ve shot and never got a chance to post them! Hopefully you’ll get to see those soon, I mean I still need to post rest of the outfits from LFW, seriously, what the hell is wrong with me, it’s freaking June! But don’t worry I will post them, eventually. But for now you’ll have to be satisfied from this post! *screams enthusiastic yeah!* 

However even the post pre-shoot outfits are worth sharing. And this is nothing more than a casual outfit that I would wear for shopping, walk or just to hang out with friends. At the begging of this year my aim was to post more casual outfits and this is one of them. Because as much as I love the elegance, casual styles are my most worn choice, even if not shared. This time I went for a little bit of grunge look, I blame Sarah Hawkinson and her amazing YouTube channel, I’m obsessed! If you love make up, metal music, horror movies and grunge style check her out! Anyway, yeah, this way the aim of this outfit, something casual but touch of grunge, with clean cuts, a bit of jewelry and statement bag which is of course my beloved Cloudberry Bag!












Photography: Josh Milton


Trousers & Chain Necklace – H&M
Shoes – George at Asda
Shirt – Vintage
Razor Blade Necklace – Ebay
Crystal Bracelet – Swarovski
Nose Clip & Earring Piercing – Clair’s

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