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It seems like absolute ages since my last style post, it’s actually been ages, can you believe it’s been over a month since I’ve done one of my favorite blog posts?! That’s quite annoying if you ask me, it’s quite a paradox when I have so much to show you and share with you but simply don’t have time! It’s always when I have the most content, it’s usually the time when I don’t have time to share it on here. And I’m going to be honest, because that’s why we’re here anyway right? I absolutely hate those kind of situations, if only I could split into 4 different bodies that each of them could do different task, write, edit, go to events and do social media. But the technology isn’t that advanced, yet. So it seems like for a little bit I’m going to have to be one women show. And saying that makes me even more thankful that I’m actually not doing this all alone, for most part yes, but I couldn’t be more grateful to have Alma and Josh, taking outfit photos for me, and keeping me sane during the hectic dates, hehe! I’m laughing but it’s totally true.
I don’t really understand how other bloggers do it. The ones that do everything themselves, don’t get me wrong, more power to you guys! But I don’t think I’d be able to do it, I’ve always enjoyed working both individuality and in a team, and doing this all by myself would be quite sad, you know? And not only in terms of shooting outfits, but also attending events and fashion parities. I am quite a confident  person, or rather make myself to be, I can say that my confidence grew a lot since last year, but there are still moments when I’m a bit socially awkward, especially when I’m somewhere by myself. But when I’m with my clique (I’m sorry I had to say that ^_^) approaching people in fashion parties and stuff is so much easier. Plus I’m not standing alone next to wall wishing for something to happen.
And this outfit represents two similar social fashion situations. Believe it or not but I’ve worn the same outfit twice! Well with slight change, the first time I’ve worn this outfit I’ve worn black ripped jeans and here as you can tell the jeans are whole. What happened was that I was invited to Ariella Couture store opening in Brent Cross full review of the collection and event can be found > here <. As the time the day was quite hot but still with little bit of cold breeze, and that calls for jeans and open heels! I find wearing open heels, or sandals quite hard, as I’m not the type of person who’s always hot all the time (ok I have my moments) when wearing open heel I like throw on full trousers or a jacket with shorts. I also find mixing the AW clothing with SS clothing quite interesting. Who said everything in fashion needs to be perfectly categorized? And as always I would wear a black bag! I’m always trying to match my bag to the shoes I’m wearing, and this one couldn’t look better! Both the gold, black and the “V” detail of the Cloudberry Bag was a perfect match to the heels!



















Photography: Josh Milton
Jacket  & Ring-  Primark
Top – H&M
Jeans –  H&M
Shoes – Unbranded
Both Necklaces & Cuff – Clair’s  
Leather Bracelet – Dziki Zachód
Septum Clip On – 
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