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The warmer the days the better looking black clothing looks like. Is it just me or are the darkest clothes tend to look better on the body than ever! It’s no surprise that the shade of black is my favorite color ever! And yes, I know black is not technically a color, I think I always say that black is not a color, it’s a shade! I’m sorry, one of the test questions from my Textile GCSE class stuck with me, probably forever. But hey, at least I’ve learned something! Press day madness is still going on in London Town! I will try to vlog more of these, if you would like me to. I certainly  enjoy vlogging more, it just another way for me show my days and what I’m up too. Surprisingly it doesn’t take me that long to edit, and upload a vlog! It’s defiantly shorter process than blogging, but I can promise you I will never, ever give it up!

And as we are on subject of giving up. It’s bank holiday here in the UK and most people are off work and school. Besides of me of course! ^_^ I’ve been writing the whole day, talking about a bad case of workoholism. But let me tell you writing for this blog, Meade Magazine, online & print is not an easy job! But than again, there’s not such thing as an “easy job”. I feel like the most important thing is to chose a career path that’s not easy, but one that we enjoy the most. This way it’s not a job but rather something we love doing!

And you know what else I love? Grunge style! (I know we’re jumping from subject to subject today)
I don’t know why but I’ve noticed that whenever the term “grunge style” or “grunge make up” or “grunge hair” people tend to cringe or give weird looks. Like it’s a dirty word or something. Regardless. I love the messy, dirty 90’s style! For some reason it’s so easy to make it careless but it can still look elegant. Does that make sense. But grunge was only a part of an inspiration for this outfit. If you saw my inspiration blog post easier this month you would see couple of images of the rock chic, Taylor Momsen, which style I absolutely adore! It’s so careless but well put together. That’s why this outfit is in one color but with mixture of textures and layers, the best way to wear your blacks! If the weather becomes hotter instead of layering clothing, layer jewellery! I love layering long necklaces, and rings recently. As you see I have mixture of silver, gold and rose gold going on. I know it’s something that’s not really suppose to be done but I didn’t care that much to be honest. That takes us back to the grunge style!











Photography: Josh Milton 
Cardigan & Ring – Primark
Top – Speedway 
Skirt & Tights –  H&M
Shoes – George at Asda
Leather Bracelet – Dziki Zachód
Silver Bracelet & Ring – Vintage
Layered Necklace – Clairs
Rose Gold Necklace –  M&S

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