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Finally, I’m so happy and exited to share this set of images I got to shoot with the lovely Jodie and her photographer Sarah. If you haven’t seen the first look shoot by her, you can find them here. As the first outfit was pure elegance, my second look is quite the opposite. As you know I absolutely adore the elegant side of fashion, my appreciation for the clean silhouettes and classic pieces is endless but from time to time I like to go back to my roots of when I first started to play around with my style and actually find it. Black, pleated shirts, leather and studs are always going to be my staple, leather especially, I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my leather jackets. I feel like leather jacket is the ideal jacket, it works on so many different leaves, from black, to brown, and creams, and let’s not forget about colors, I’m personally in look out for a red leather jacket.

But the best thing about leather jackets is the fact it works with anything and it looks good on anyone, my whole family owns a leather jacket and we all rock it. Add a plead shirt, some textures and bam! You have yourself a modern version of a grunge outfit. Or it’s just black on black, plead on black and finishing all of that with good old fashioned leather jacket! Besides from all that leather and black what I love out this outfit is how comfortable -minus the heels- it turned out. This kind of outfit is my go to outfit, when I’m sitting at home or just being over all lazy. However I feel like the finishing touches of the boots, the sparkling ‘stardust’ necklace – that I mostly wear as a bracelet- and of course my ‘Burlington’ Cloudberry Bag! I love how accessories can fully transform an outfit from ‘lazy’ to one that you can show in public! Not that I don’t get the weird looks, from strangers from time to time. But it’s ok, I’m use to it!

I feel like when it comes to style and fashion you need to fully comfortable in what you are wearing. Whenever it’s 6″ heels or full on black outfit. I’ve learned that whatever I wear, I’m always going to bring attention to myself, not that I want to, attention is the last thing I want. But it’s my style and my fashion choices has always been eye catching in one way or another. And just because someone doesn’t get it or stares at it doesn’t nessecessary mean they hate it! Sometimes it means the opposite, they could like it. My point is, that even if you like changing and experimenting with fashion as much as I do but you’re afraid if people will judge you for what you’re wearing. My advice is. Don’t! People will always judge and changing yourself and your style to just stop that judgment is stupid. Rant over. That’s it for today. Have a fabulous Saturday lovely’s!

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Jacket – Camden Town
Shirt – Vintage
Leggings- Bik Bok
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell



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