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Rain, dark clouds, gloomy weather, am I the only one that from time to time matches their style or outfit to  weather that’s lurking outside out the comfort of our rooms? I’ve noticed this happens to me without even thinking twice about it, or it might just be my love for all things leather and black. Who knows. On the day when I’ve actually would much prefer to stay in bed the whole day, sipping hot soy chocolate, wearing the comfiest clothes (and unfashionable ones) and working on new articles and shoots I had another mission. And quite frankly, more important one than my need for warmth and comfort. It’s fashion, sacrifices need to be made!

Last week, I was out finding some fashion talent during the UCA Rochester fashion show held by Lewis and Leigh, covering of course for the one and only Meade Magazine! And I’m doing the same exact thing today, writing this from the Media Room of Graduate Fashion Week! But more about it in upcoming post 😉 I find that when looking at other designers work, the graduating ones especially, there is a sense of respect in me. It could be because I’ve done fashion in college and most of it was designing and making, so I do know how hard it is to come up with new creative ideas, and the pressyrese are massive! But finding new fashion talent, watching them grow and helping them build their future, even with just talking about them there is a sense of responsibility. But at the same time it’s so rewarding, I can’t even tell you the feeling! 

I felt all black everything not only would suit the weather on the day but also don’t draw to much attention to myself, I know, I know even I have those days when I just want to blend in. And nothing is more blending in, at fashion than wearing all black! Fun fact, in art/fashion schools, designers are usually  the ones that wear all black! So there could be a bit of that creativity left within me, but let’s have it hidden for for now, shall we? I just love wearing all black outfits, mixing it with textures, patters, different silhouettes, adding jewelry and accessories to make sure they will be remarkable! And of course let’s not forget about make up, although my outfit may be all black, the face was full of color, with red lips the mixture of gold, purple and bronze eye shadow to create one of my favorite smokey eye combinations!







Photography: Alma Rosaz 
Jacket: Vintage
Turtle neck: Petit Bateu
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: George at Asda
Choker: Urban Outfitters
Ring: Primark
Nose Clip – Clairs


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