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Hello! Long time no post. I am really sorry, the paradox is that I have so much to share with you I don’t know when I’m going to do it. There isn’t enough hours in a day, you know! The struggle is really people! Anyway, today I’ve wanted to share couple of the fashion goodies I was kindly given, either from brands or on press days or just bought with my own money, because believe it or not this happens, not often as travel eats most of my money away but it happens. Anyway of to the fun stuff of goodies.
Cloudberry Bags 
The bag you see above is not from anyone else than Cloudberry Bags! For those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how much I love their products! I love how they’re making the classic handbags, affordable and stylish at the same time! The bag I was so kindly received was a “Varsity” bag. Made out of faux leather, with two straps, two main components and 4 metal feet. I love the shape of this bag, it may look small but trust me, lots can fit in there! It’s an ideal bag for summer, stylish and practical. I mean we need place where we can place all our junk in, am I right?
Petit Bateau 

And once again, if you’ve been following me for a while (if not, Hello! ^_^ ) you know how much I love my classic pieces, and there isn’t anything more simple than black turtle neck. I believe for this time of year it’s bit to warm to wear it, but than again I live in Britain where weather is just so unpredictable! I kind of hope we will get a bit of breeze so I will have an excuse to wear this turtle neck, as trust me it’s one of the most softest, best fitting and comfortable top I’ve worn! (Mine’s is for age 16, which will be around size 6/8) I hope one of you are offended that I’ve shared the underwear I’ve also received from them, if it’s TMI for you please head to another item 🙂 Once again, the pants are super comfortable, in size small, they’re doing their job, no complains what so ever.


I don’t tend to wear jumpsuits, for different reasons. Mostly because I can’t find one that I really, really like. And the same goes with wearing white, I mean it can be risky at times. But the cut out detail at the middle makes it much more interesting and it’s visually slimming the waist. This little detail is also making it much more fun and ideal for festivals! Now all we need is a hot weather so I could wear it! With dark lip perhaps…


Marks & Spencer
This season M&S was so kind they gifted two separate gifts, one is a cotton scarf, which I guess is meant for men but once again not that it will go to waste. I really like the white pattern on it, I can’t really describe of what is it is, but it’s cute. The second gift was this delicate necklace. I could chose between 6 different styles of necklaces each of them being different shape and color, at the end I went for this rose gold (I’m obsessed with rose gold recently) on the long locket, can you imagine the layering with this necklace!
Another goodies from a press day. Ok I was given a gift card. I went for those two tops, one in black and one in navy. Guys, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone! I’m wearing navy! Haha well, to be honest the only form of navy I would usually wear would be jacket or trousers, tops? Nope. But this time I’ve wanted something “different”. What I like about these tops, not only they are ideal for summer but again the fabric is so soft I could sleep in them! They were quite pricey (25 each) but you get what you pay for.


I know I’ve already posted a look with this necklace > it’s here <  but I’ve decided to add it to this post as well. Both items come from the collaboration between Katy Perry and Clair’s,personally I’m not a massive fan of fashion items designed by celebrities, mostly they don’t even design them. But who ever designed these two items deserves a freaking medal! They are well cute haha. I know my descriptive skills are on point today! But they are, I love mixing this kind of jewelry with black clothing and making it bit more edgy.


As it’s summer approaching, my love for gold is growing. I don’t know why, it might be the warm undertone to it that makes me think of the hot summer days. And I’m getting back into the habit of wearing more rings, I love the mixture of minialistic ones with something in them, these little stones make it much more visible and unique. Made out of stainless steal, it’s not a ring that will fall apart after few wears!


When I saw this necklace during Bloggers Love Hub, I was like “WOW!” This necklace is everything that I’ve always loved about jewellery. It’s elegant but it’s boldness makes it slightly Gothic. But despite looking heavy it isn’t all. It’s extremely well made and I’m telling you it looks perfect with each outfit I wear! Guess who’s super excited to style it? Me!
Ah good, old ebay! Seriously my love for this website is endless! From quite a big ebay detox, I’ve decided to go back there and search for a necklace I was in a hunt for few weeks but with no luck. And then there’s no shopping result there’s always ebay. It’s was so easy finding it, I just had to type “razor blade necklace” and I’ve found this, for only 99p free p+p! Talk about a bargain, right? It’s quite small, but I like how necklaces that may look quite disturbing are delicate.


In the beginning of April it was my birthday and after my short trip to Poland I’ve done a little birthday get together with my closest friends. These earrings were a birthday gift from one of my best friends. Ehh what can I say? She knows me so well! I love the texture of the, and how long they are. I feel like I’m going to have fun wearing them and dressing up my outfits or dressing them down. These earrings are perfect for everyday and night out! The chain gives them the punk look to them but the diamond (FYI not a real one) in the middle looks so elegant so sophisticated that I feel like playing around with different styles of clothing with them will be fun!


And once again, when in doubt, go to ebay! Clair’s couple of years ago had a range of fake clip on earring for the body (ears, lips, nose…) however for some reason they’ve decided to stop selling them and I had to go to ebay to find a fake clip on earring, for my septum, as it’s something I’m really into recently and I’m thinking of getting it pierced at some point but haven’t fully decided so for now I’m wearing this fake little jewel. Once again it was only 99p with free p+p, amazing deal! If you’re thinking of buying one of these my piece of advice is to spend minimum of 2 pounds on them as they are very small and tend to get lost easily.


Gerry Weber
My craze for scarfs is just growing and growing. This Gerry Weber sky blue scarf is as well one of the softest scarfs I’ve got to wear. I don’t tend to wear lot’s of colorful scarfs (besides from my orange one) but as it’s spring I really want to step out of my comfort zone and wear more color, even if that means black and white outfit.


Land’s End
Another colorful scarf to add to my collection, even thou the color of it isn’t as vibrant, I like the faded away shades of blue and orange, it reminds me a bit of union jack flag, which when I was younger I was obsessed with for some reason. It has a cotton feel to it, but it’s still extremely soft. I’m thinking of wearing it for LCM… we’ll see.


Tuff Love
During one of Bloggers Love Hub events there was a very cool brand Tuff Love. As much as love the clean aesthetic of clothing, form time to time even I wear a little bit of color. I love the mixture of patterns and the color combination of it. It’s this type of t-shirt that would be perfect for festivals, due to it’s vibrant colors. It’s bit too big for me as it’s size Large and it’s meant for men, not that I mind. This t-shirt is so soft, comfortable and in lack of a better word, cool that I would wear it anyway! I think I could even pull of wearing it as a dress… What do you guys think? ^_^

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