Looking back, I feel like there hasn’t been a beauty or an event blog post in ages. But today I’m bringing you 2 in 1, beauty and event post! Let me know if you enjoy the beauty posts and event posts as much as the rumble style posts with bit more information and I can see if I can work something out for you. Because I write this blog not only for myself but also for all of you! And I feel like sharing the amazing events I get the chance to attend is in a way my responsibility to those who don’t have the same opportunities as I do.

So Glo & Ray is a beauty brand I was introduced to couple of months ago and oh my gosh! Am I in love?! Honestly, I think that the best beauty brands out there are the ones that aren’t necessarily in the high street stores, and as I love most things that aren’t too mainstream no wonder Glo & Ray became one of my favorites. The event held in on of the buildings just off Regents Street, the little apartment space became a beauty addict dream. The whole apartment became a one big beauty make over room, with 3 make up stations, filled with Glo & Ray products, from eyeliners, lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes I honestly thought I died and went to make up heaven! The evening started off with an introduction from the founder of Glo & Ray talking about the new range of products. Later there was a demonstration from make up artist, Bella on the lovely model Charlotte. She showed how to create 3 different beauty looks perfect for Summer 2015. And yes, beauty just like fashion has it’s trends. A light eye make up isn’t always my personal choice to go with, but when mixed with bold lip, is when I automatically change my mind. Glo & Ray has also got a new range of beautiful lipsticks! I was loving the warm and vibrant colors, my personal favorites were the purples and strawberry reds! Later we got the recreate the looks using the Glo & Ray products, and I was bit terrified as when it comes to applying make up on someone else I’m not as good as people make me out to be, let’s just say I could be good make up artist for Halloween or if you want to look like a clown. But being in the team of 3 we all agreed to do one thing each, one of us was modelling when, someone else did the skin and eyes. And I didn’t look half bad!

What I really loved about the event was the fact I could get to know other bloggers! As you know I don’t tend to go to many blogging event (launches, press days and fashion shows are more of my forte) This event was a perfect opportunity not only to mingle, talk about the products (and try them out) but also know the people who do the same thing as you do, because despite the fact that there are millions of bloggers around the world, I don’t really know that many, which is a shame as talking to someone who does the same thing as you or has the same struggles, as blogging as it’s ups and downs too, makes this whole thing even more exciting! I got to meet two lovely beauty bloggers at the event, Charlotte from One Little Vice and Kris from Beauty by Kris, and as you do at events like these we started talking about beauty and blogging! Such an exciting topic I know ^_^

Anyway, sorry about this lengthy post, massive shout out and thanks to Glo & Ray Team and Focus PR for having me at their event! Watch out for the upcoming beauty posts using the products! I can only tell you that nothing can describe how excited I about about using them. But you’ll find out why in the next few weeks x x x

If any of you love fashion and beauty as much as I do and want to write somewhere else than your blog I have good news for you. Meade Magazine is looking for fashion and beauty contributors. If you’re interested email info@meademagazine.com.

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    mode french
    May 25, 2015 at 11:44 am

    The lipsticks have very nice colors, wanna try 😉
    Bisous from France,


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