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Today, I had an entirely different post for you today, but as it’s my brithday and I love these photos so much I’ve thought of doing my favorite fashion/ramble post! Which is of course my “style” posts. I love writing these so much that I can’t even tell you! Don’t get me wrong, I love doing reports, reviews and so on, but doing these “style” posts means I can talk about anything I like, from fashion, food, music or just random things. I am making these kind of posts as random and weird as I possibly can. I am random and weird after all haha. And no, my head is not floating in the air in the photo above, all thou I must admit it does look bit creepy, but cool at the same time, or it could me my typical blogger/model pose, who knows!
Few weeks ago I was invited for a shooting with the lovely Jodie, who I’ve met during the Shopcade “Faces of March” a year ago, Gosh, time flies, doesn’t it?! But thanks to the wonderful human innovation, world wide web, we stayed in contact. And you know how much I love collaborating with others specially bloggers, there’s something really cool about working with other bloggers, each of our styles are different, from fashion, to posing in photos and showing off the outfit and of course writing. And from my experience I’ve learned a lot from reading other bloggers blogs and collaborating with them. I feel like bloggers are the only people in fashion industry who aren’t afraid to work together and help each other. There isn’t really a sense of competition between any of us as each of us is different and that what’s so awesome about it! And I had such a fun day shooting with Jodie and Sarah too! I feel like when it comes to blogging, at the end of the day it’s all about enjoying yourself. And I just can’t get enough of images that Sarah took (pst… there’s more!)
And you know what else I enjoyed. Wearing this outfit! And I’m aware that LFW is long time gone, but the madness of it never let shoot this outfit! That’s why I’m posting it so late. But what can I say, it not be as dark as I would usually wear my clothes. Actually this is the largest amount of color I’ve worn, ever. I think. But it didn’t make this outfit any less “me”, it still had the classic touch and a bit of monochrome in there. This M&S clutch was a life saver during LFW, I could fit there all the urgent things, like phone, invites, tablet, and few cereal bars haha!
I kind of miss the excitement of LFW. Not necessarily the stress, but there’s something in the air when LFW is here. It’s kind of like birthday but the only difference that it’s twice a year! And as a subject of birthday! You see for me birthday is such a weird concept, not that I don’t celebrate it, being Polish means birthday is quite big, not as big deal as 18th but still. Is it just me, or is birthday the kind of thing that the older you get, the less exciting it is. The day finally comes and you’re kind of just. There… Correct me if I’m wrong, it could be just me haha! Not that I’m not exciting, turning 20 is quite cool. Wow, I feel old now, haha. And I defiantly pulled off a mature look here! When wearing this outfit I’ve felt in a way like a fashion editor. That’s what they always seen to wear, well I try to learn from the best!
Trousers: Marlene Binger
Shoes: Adiddas
Clutch: M&S
Scarf: Hermes
Earrings: Dior
Necklace & Brecelet: Clairs
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Photography: Sarah Anne Choa 



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