for couple of months now I’m trying to get in the habit of posting more casual and everyday outfits, because the truth is as much as I’d love to, it’s bit impossible for me to wear a ball gown every single day. Which is bit sad because I think life would be so much better if we all could afford and wear haute couture or just really elegant and unique clothing every single day! Life can be hard sometimes! (warning, first world problems!)   But as much as fashion can be all fun it’s good and sometimes essential to wear something for casual. But casual doesn’t need to mean boring!
I always loved dark clothing and textures, in the past year my style journey was a bit of a roller coaster. I went from casual/dark, elegant with mixed textures and now back to it’s dark and bit of punk roots. The paradox is that during the autumn winter season my style is more elegant and for the lack of a better word, chic and for spring summer it becomes more grungy, edgy and it starts to look like I just rolled out of bed and thew the only clean clothes which I could find, however these “creative” styling don’t end up here, unless you’d like me to do that kind of post once in a while, let me know? 🙂
I think this is the best example of mine “I don’t care, I’m late” type of outfit. On Sunday last week I met up with Josh two shoot out outfits for our blogs, hang out and I even managed to do some shopping, I’m currently preparing 3 different posts of the stuff I bought/ was given, from fashion to beauty and a touch of lifestyle. This necklace is actually one of those items, but you’ll have to wait a bit, as more on it will be in the upcoming posts (this or next week if I’ll get the image I want). Anywaaaaaaaaaay back to the outfit, I also wanted to say I’m sorry I don’t have a full image of it but if that interests any of you I’ve worn my black heeled boots from George, you can find them here and don’t forget to check out the images Alma took! I’m still fangirling over them! I feel like this outfit is as casual as I can get. And what would be an outfit without come sort of leather? Since I’ve been little, I’ve always loved it, leather jacket has been with me for 10 years now! It’s just such an easy piece of clothing to wear, and no matter how you’ll wear it, you will always look badass! I’ve also always adored the combination between the heavy black leather with light jeans, for now unfortunately I haven’t found white jeans, that would either fit me right or I would be happy on how I actually look in  them, but wearing lighter jeans is a step forward I think. And can we talk about the fact I’m getting back to jeans leather jacket combo?! Looks like my style hasn’t changed that much after all.

If any of you love fashion and beauty as much as I do and want to write somewhere else than your blog I have good news for you, Meade Magazine is looking for fashion and beauty contributors. If you’re interested email







Photography: Josh Milton
Jacket –  Camden Town
Sweater – Zara
Jeans –  Vintage
Necklace – Clairs
Leather Bracelet – Dziki Zachód 

Ring – Primark

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