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Last week you could see my second vlog and yes I’m starting to doing vlogs and actually enjoy it, it’s just the technical side of it which needs bit more improvement but don’t worry I’ll get to it. But in a nutshell it was all about the fun day spent at Mayfair Hotel in Green Park celebrating Zalando’s new S/S ’15 campaign featuring the stunning Arizona Muse! Walking to one of the stunning and may I add very specious suite too. In Mayfair Hotel London, where the event was held, the first thing I saw was a table covered in the most delicious food! From brownies, to cupcakes with frosting of color of a rainbow, to fruit tarts, plate of fruits and of course coffee and tea (ok and presocco). 
Zalando is a shopping website that offers all kinds of fashion, from womenswear to menswear and kids. From high street to high end, featuring many exciting brands such as Moschino, Calvin Klein or Vans! They even have their own collection called “Zalando Collection” which is just as good as the previous brands! From clothes, to jewellery, handbags and shoes, you name it, they have it! But this event was not my first contact with the brand. The shoes from “Jumping Through the Monsoon” were actually purchased from Zalando! I’m telling you I could spend days one the different variety of fashion they have! And that exact thing happened during the Zalando event! I think Alma, Josh and I has spent hours looking at the clothes, making lots of silly gif’s and eating the best food, were literately stuffing ourselves like there was no tomorrow! Let’s just say we weren’t exactly the most calm bunch there, but oh boy did we have fun! I think that was one of the most fun we got to spend together since LFW! I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have those two in my life, they aren’t only people I work with, they are my two best friends! 
Anyyyyyyyhow. Moving on from the soppy section and unto the fashion section haha! The Zalando team made the suite one big fashion dream! With 3 racks of clothes, to accessories and shoes placed allover the suite between sweets, with a manicure table and a hairstylist, and of course the food table, let’s just say the suite was girls dream! And they were playing Britney Spears too! (If you say you didn’t listen to Britney at least once in your life, your laying 😉 ) I loved the sneakers, as you know once again the sport shoes are on trend this spring, and the more colorful the better! Metallic’s, are also a trend that just won’t go away, not that I’m complaining, I’m loving the metallic trend, specially on the accessories! And lets not forget the floral bomber jackets,one of my favorite items at the moment, on others, I personally I think I look like a potato in them! But who knows I may be able to pull off these particular ones. I at least hope so because I realllllllllllly liked them! The one with red roses especially! Another collection that cough my eye, and felt really sad to say goodbye to at the end of the day, was the denim collection! Yep, you’ve heard me right. Me, the lover of leather and classic pieces is falling for jeans! Well jeans are quite a classic and historic material haha! From the classic skinny jeans, to denim shirt, which I am in a look out for few  years but can’t find one that fits me right, can you feel the struggle?  And let’s not forget the mini, black and white Calvin Klein bag! I’m a big fan! 


Big thank you to Zalando team and Bright Light PR
for having me, Alma and Josh at the gifting lounge, for the goodies and overall fun day! x x x 




















Photography: Alma Rosaz 



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