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I am really sorry for the silent treatment I gave all of you for the past two weeks. I know in January I promised you two posts per week and that has not happened. I could do a massive post on the bunch of excuses why I haven’t kept you up to date but to be completely honest who am I kidding? It’s not that I didn’t want to post, or write, I did. I just couldn’t. And the biggest paradox of it, is the fact that I actually have so much exciting content to show you! Pheww I still need to catch you up on few days of my LFW outfits! Gosh, am I a definition of lateness or what?

But this week I’m going to try my best to deliver you at least 3 posts. And not only in fashion! But back to fashion for now, huh? Last week I was invited by Zalando for a Alice in the Wonderland themed tea party. And some of you may not know this, when I think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on here, but I am obsessed with Disney movies (the old ones mostly) whenever I’m in Poland all I do with one of my oldest and bestest friends is catching up and watching Disney movies, lame I know! But the more I watch them now the more I realize that Disney movies may not be the best idea for children, but I’m not here to murder your dreams and love for Disney, haha. No, as always I’ve wonder to share my outfit choice for this event, and oddly it has nothing to do with fairy tales. In fact I feel like this outfit is quite sophisticated, especially since I remember how my love for fashion started.

It really seems like my fashion choices are becoming more and more elegant and as some people call it, old school. But I feel like it’s that old school feeling that makes those outfits mine. I will choice a classic movie over the newest blockbuster anytime, same goes with the music, I will chose The Beatles over One Direction any day (no offence to any of their fans, it’s just not my taste of music but I respect their craft.) And same goes for fashion! But it wasn’t until a year ago when I could really explore all of the different choices, the truth is working in fashion really opens many doors, and I’m not talking about getting stuff from designers or having glamours life. It’s more of meeting different people, working and getting influenced by them. Discovering new designers helps influence my style as well! There isn’t a better thing than meeting a designer that thinks the same way as you do! Over in January I got a chance to meet a lovely fashion designer of Kristi Design. After a while talking to her, she was so kind to offered me to design and make me a dress/jacket (this design can be worn in both ways! How amazing is that?!)  And after seeing her designs it was an offer I just couldn’t refuse, specially when I just gave her a very brief description of what I’m looking for and she got it perfectly! And this jacket has such an amazing fit that I can’t even comprehend how is that possible? It feels like it was directly sewn on me, and you know how picky I am about my jackets! Mixing the royal red velvet with leather trouser, stardust bracelet from Swarovski, and my favorite Cloudberry Bag, I came out with an elegant but touch (just touch) bad-ass outfit. I don’t know about you, but I’m proud. And I’m not talking only about the outfit but also about the photos, I mean how freaking talented is Alma?! I’m going to have a hard time choosing the images I will share on my social media!










Photography: Alma Rosaz 
Leather Trousers- H&M
Shoes- George at Asda
Gold Cuff- Clair’s 
Necklace- Pull & Bear
Earrings- Dior


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