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There is something really special in waking up on the day of a fashion show. The smell of overpriced perfume in the air, the sound of clicking stilettos that all the fashionistas and fashion editors are wearing and of course the feeling of the judgmental looks that people give you every 10 seconds on public transport. Oh joy! But fashion week is way more than that! It’s a time of celebration of fashion and it’s industry, but the most exciting part for me is to see the upcoming talent! This season, my third season of LFW, may I add (how crazy is that?!) I was covering all the shows for the one and only Meade Magazine! I’m currently in the process of finishing of reviews/editing the images so please don’t forget to check it out! 

Just like year ago, during my first season of LFW ( I still can’t believe it!) I got the chance to wear more of most stylish and unique designs of Carlotta Actis Barone ! Aren’t her designs just the best? I can’t be more happy and grateful to wear her creative vision for the second time! Wearing those designs made this LFW season even more special! And not only she let me wore this dress but she let me borrow more than 5 garments! And my LFW style choices were sorted! The more I’ll post the more you’ll see I went with a theme on this season! No brainier, most for my wardrobe was from one designer! For this season as it was A/W shows happening I’ve wanted something strong! And outfit that makes a statement, that reflects my sense of fashion perfectly, the collection of steam punk was just ideal! I love mixing elegance with the pieces that just speak out! And how flipping hot are those leggings?! And no I was not freezing at all! (I actually wasn’t)  

I love how royal and risky this outfit turned out to be! It was definitely ideal for the first day of LFW! (btw these shoes might be amazing, I couldn’t get rid of the street style photographers while wearing them at Somerset House, but trust me there were few time when I almost died when wearing them!) Style over comfort I guess 😉






Photography: Fossy Meade
Shirt – Primark
Leggings – Lasula
Shoes –
Earrings- I am acrylic
Necklace- Clairs 

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  • Annie March 13, 2018 at 2:45 am

    Thanks for the great bags :). So beautiful


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