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Wow! I’m late with this post! But, hey, you know what they say, better later than never I guess? Please excuse the lateness in this post but planning a beauty post, making a reality, waiting for images and than writing up the entire article takes a lot of time! And it was right in a middle of LFW and as you know when LFW is on that’s the priority. I didn’t want to rush this post just for the sake of posting. I prefer to do it later and when posted be proud of it! Few weeks ago  I got a chance to collaborate with a very talented photographer, Ada Mina to visually show you how I create my “dark” smokey eye look. It’s no brainier that smokey eye is defiantly my favorite eye make up of all time! I just can’t imagine my life without it! To the person who originally created smokey eye, thank you! But before I’ll go into details of what I’ve used to create this look and how I did it, I’ve wanted to share a bit more about a brand that I was introduced to few months ago.
                                                                     Rodial Skincare
This luxurious make up brand founded by Maria Hatzistefanis in 1999 brings till this day the best in natural based skincare and make up products. From that time the brand expanded to the 35 countries worldwide and is available in more that 2000 stores, and online of course.  Based in London, you know how much I love British brands, Rodial has also got a huge celebrity following, and to be honest I could not blame them! With today’s massive plastic surgery craze,  more and more brands are coming up with products that can be better (and much cheaper) alternative to it. And Rodial is one of them! Combining an anti-aging and firming ingredients to help the skin stay fresh and keep it’s youth for longer. It’s a brilliant idea, as we all know some of the make up products (those who are full of artificial ingredients specially) can course not only break outs within a skin but it can also be the course of it losing it’s youth earlier than it should. And all the products are full of natural ingredients! No wonder it’s recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the UK, and around the world I’m sure. And they know what they’re talking about too!
Also fun fact, did you know in 2005 Rodial was invited to be an official goodie bag partner for The Oscars after party?! And all the A-List celebrities received products from the Rodial range such as “Tummy Tuck”, “Glam Balm” and “Brazilian Tan” (still available) With such a media bust the brand gained even bigger following from those who love beauty! Including myself.
For more information you can visit Rodial website.
Also available in Harvey Nichols on the ground floor in Knightsbridge.



When doing my make up, I always start off with face (I know some people prefer to start with an eye make up too). To make sure my skin won’t dry out quickly and to create a barrier between it and the foundation, which helps it to breathe, plus the moisturizer is made our of organic ingredients. Using a moisturize before putting on foundation is also a good replacement for a primer as it helps keeping the make up on, in my case it’s usually the whole day and even the whole night! Once I’ve placed the foundation all over my face and blended it with a blending brush than I’ve started to contour and highlight my facial features. Going from the center of the nose, to my chin and underneath the eyes to hide the dark circles. To bring out my cheekbones even more I’ve applied the concealer and Rodial highlighter to give them the high definition. To prevent my skin from shinning, I’ve applied Natural Collection pressed powder in shade “Warm” (My favorite, there isn’t a better coverage for my skin type). Finally I’ve applied some Jeunvie organic lip balm in coco blanc, to make sure my lips are moisturized before applying a lipstick. Never apply red lipstick on dry lips. Not a good look.
Foundation: Rimmel London, Wake Me Up  Foundation “103 True Ivory”
Concealer: Natural Collection “Fair”
Powder: Natural Collection “Warm”



To add a contour and natural warmth to my cheeks, I have used Rodial “Instglam” Compact Deluxe Bronzing Powder”. Since I got it, back in December it’s been my absolute essential!  Despite of the season, a bronzer is one of those things that is just needed in my make up drawer. It’s high definition and long lasting effect when applied on the cheeks, creates a perfect sun kissed effect and this sunken in “super-model” cheekbones. When using this, Kate Moss has nothing on you and your cheeks! To add that healthy warm I’ve used Beauty UK baked blush that has my the only blush I’ve been using since year or so. It adds a glow but it isn’t too pink or warm, which I personally isn’t a big fan of.
Blush: Beauty UK  Baked Blush “no 3 halo”







As it’s a post about all things smokey eye, it would be weird not to have it included! And there is nothing more I love in make up than smokey eye! It’s been the first type of eye make up I really liked and started doing, at the age of just 11, and it was a black smokey eye. Yep, I got in trouble a lot! Especially since I couldn’t apply it correctly back than but practice makes perfect! And as I didn’t want to go all Gothic on you, on this post, I’ve decided to create another smokey eye look I love! And that’s brown/ gold with a splash of plum! If you are like me and have green eyes or a mixture of brown and green the plum color will really bring out the color! Starting from the crease of the eye with “Storm” than adding a bit of “Wave” on the lower lash line and finishing off with Glo & Ray Mirrage Mousse Eyeshadow. Applying it to the corner of my eyes to open them up (and gold brings out the green in my eyes even more!) To finish off this look I have used  Rodial longlasting smokey eye liner. And this stuff is amazing! Let’s face it a black eyeliner is a essential! Whenever you are a lover of a natural eye make up or a panda like dramatic eyes! Carefully applying the eyeliner on my upper lash line, it gives a volume to the lashes as they look much fuller than in real life! It’s so easy to use and it doesn’t smudge, unless you want it to, in that case add a bit off water on the make up blush and smudge it a touch. I have also applied it on my lower lash line an water line to create a real smokey eye look!
Eyebrow & Eyelash Gel: Hi Brow
Eyebrow Powder: W7 Brow Bar Eyeshadow “Dark Brown”
Eye Shadows:
W7 “In the Buff” Eyeshadow pallet “Storm”&”Wave”
Make up brushes: Nanshy Brushes
The last but not least was lipstick of course! If I have smokey eye I would usually go for a nude or pink shades, but for this look I wanted to create something dramatic and slightly Gothic, that’s why I went for this rich red from Urban Decay. I love how the applicator is small, it makes putting on lipstick to not so full lips like mine, so much easier! I absolutely love the dark red shade of it and the name of course. “What are you wearing today?”
“I’m wearing Shame!”
And voila! The beauty look is finished! I know for spring summer many of you will want to wear less eye or lip products but there is always an exception, isn’t it?





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