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Wait a second! Where the hell did the January go? I swear it just feels like New Year was just yesterday, and I was drinking soy hot chocolate,feeling like absolute crap but who doesn’t  feel like this after an awesome new years party? And today is pretty much the same. I’m drinking soy hot chocolate and feeling like an absolute crap, I’ve been feeling like it for the whole week so please don’t pay too much attention to my tired face. And no I didn’t party! But still this doesn’t change the fact that I’m tried as hell and completely and utterly unmotivated! Which is obviously not good, especially when you need that motivation the most! But no, the grey weather is doing it’s job, and makes never get out of my sweats and my own room. Yeahhh! But because despite the feeling of crapness (is that even a word?) I’ve decided to sacrifice half an hour of comfort and warmness to shoot this article.
 And this time it was all black everything! And the only pop of color were a classic red lip, which I just can’t live without during the cold months! It’s just such a classic statement part of make up! And it’s just another way to add a bit of color without actually spending money on colorful clothes which at the end I know I wont wear as much as I would wear the classic black pieces! And when it comes to black I love wear all black outfits, but to make them look different I always try to mix and match pieces, and that’s the best thing about black clothes, you can wear them on so many ways! For this outfit I’ve decided to concentrate on comfort and shape, this over sized top from H&M stole my heart the moment I’ve seen it! It’s just so easy to style and I wanna wear it all the time, just like my black leather jacket and my black Cloudberry Bags “Burlington” bag! Which is just a pure classic! In a way this outfit is something that I would totally wear for a rock concert! 
For a while now I’ve been thinking of doing more music reviews on here, sharing my favorite songs and generally fangirling a little bit. I don’t know if any of you have noticed that most of my style titles are actually coming from a song titles, most of the time anyway. And the reason for that is that I listen to stupid amounts of music, and different artists. I like to say that my music taste is the most random thing on earth, would else would listen to Tokio Hotel, Marilyn Manson, Blondie, Die Antwoord?! Well I’m sure there’s more of you and if there are please step forward because I don’t want to feel like I’m the only one. 









Jacket & Studded Bracelet – Vintage
Top & Necklace – H&M
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell
Leggings – UNI QLO
Lips – Mixture of MAC “Ruby Woo” and Urban Decay “Shame”



Not that I’m bragging or anything but here’s a photo of TPR from their concert in Brixton Academy that I was so lucky to go to!! If I have to be honest this was one of the best concerts I’ve went to in years! 


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