I am back with another post, vlog and bunch of goodies.  On the 26th of December 2014, so technically last year as each year I went to Westfield Shopping Center to get some boxing day goodies. Some of you may already know this, but boxing day is one of my favorite day’s of the year, it’s when many high street and even high end brands are holding massive sales. And I’m always open to the idea of stylish bargain. The image you see above is a crystal necklace from Urban Outfitters, I got it for 5 pounds and the original price was 15 pounds! That’s quite a good deal if you ask me. I was looking for a crystal necklace for quite sometime but couldn’t find one that I’d like enough to buy, and than I’ve noticed this choker. It’s quite elegant but it defiantly goes with my more dark or sporty clothing I own. In another words, it can be worn with anything and still look good. And what else would we like from our accessories?


This item was not for sale, but I got it anyway. I don’t think products such as Ecos would be on sale, if some of you are bit confused with this egg shaped balm, let me enlighten you. Ecos is an American skin care brand in which you can buy these cute egg shaped lip balms that not only are super hydrating but are also organic! Bit YAS from me for organic skin care! The one you see is from Urban Outfitters, and it comes in limited edition of Vanilla Mint and I got it for 6 pounds! I know Vanilla Mint sounds bit disgusting but trust me it smells like candy, and not even in the super sweet way! I haven’t taken a picture but if you’ll watch my vlog (below) you’ll see another egg shaped, goodie! Well because I love the Ecos lip balms so much I’ve also got gifted a regular flavor of pomegranate (pink case) My sister had two of the same flavor and she knows how big of a sucker I am for these lip balms so she gave me the pomegranate one. Bless her! I need to admit it does smell quite good, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s pomegranate, haha!


For some of you this may come as a shock, but I’ve actually never, ever been to Lush before the boxing day. And considering a fact of how popular this store is among many bloggers and youtubers across the world are admiring this shop so much, and being a blogger for over 2 years and literately just acknowledging Lush seems bit crazy doesn’t it? But I’m always either waaaaay behind a trend or I’m getting into one before anyone else does. But oh well, better late or never, right? On the sale all the 3 Lush bath bombs were half price, the blue “disco” ball (I had to call it a disco ball as it all glittery!!) I got it for 3.50, each I think which for the size it is, the price is very good! And the smell is just ehhh!! Same goes for the Penguin bath bomb which is also so freaking amazing, it reminds me of Christmas and snow, which in UK we don’t get much (I’m talking about snow, the Christmas is here every year) I got it for 2.50 which ones again is quite a good price! That’s it, Lush you stole my heart! Well done!
The last store I went to was Beauty Base. I feel like this year I’ve been even more into beauty than ever before. In some strange way at the moment I prefer to buy beauty products than fashion! Does it mean that there will be more beauty posts in the feature? Defiantly!! I already have some in my mind, all in need at the moment is bit for spare time and good light! Specially good light! The weather is strange here at the moment! We barely get any sun. Sad times! But back to the make up products. You all may already know how big of a sucker I am for red lipsticks, it’s an essential! A timeless essential! And it comes in so many different shades that it’s hard to chose which one to buy, so why not buy them all?!


A basic black eye shadow is such a must have for me! You don’t even realize how big of an essential it is! a Black eye shadow can even be worn everyday, if you are brave enough of course, a black smokey eye isn’t a look that everyone would go for a day look. I’m personally huge fan of a everyday black smokey eye but it was hard for me to find a black, and I mean pitch black eye shadow, the pallet eye shadow aren’t always as pigmented as the separate ones. I’ve noticed that’s it’s always a case for shades of black. There was a point when I’ve almost bought the Chanel black eye shadow, I didn’t because than I’ve thought I’d go check in Beauty Base and there it was L.A. Colors separate black eye shadow. L.A Colors eye shadow pallets are one of my favorite ones and they last for ages! I’ve just finished one that I’ve bought last year! I’m sure this one will last me just as long, and it was also super cheap, only 1 pound! For the quality of those eye shadow the price is shocking! But I’m not complaining ^_^


I was also in desperate need of a red lip liner, as my lips a pretty uneven and if I want to wear red lipstick, the lip liner needs to be in use! Also it’s a fantastic base and it will make your lipstick to stay on the lips for ages! Yeah!! And it was only 99p! And once again very good quality, I’ve used it and it really stays for ages on the lips and prevents your lipstick from moving. I’ve also gotten a white eye pencil also from L.A. Colors, and once again also for 99p! Bargain! I’ve used this brand before and I’m quite satisfied with it. Well I wouldnt buy the product if I wouldn’t be.
The last thing I’ve bought form Beauty Base and overall shopping spree was 3 eye shadow pallets from w7. Also I’ve seen some of them on youtube and heard very good things about them. But when I’ve seen them in the shop for only 4.99 each I was sold! Not only these are the colors that I actually use on day to day basis but the quality, pigmentation, shades and pack edging are to die for! They really reminded me of Urban Decay eye shadow pallets which everyone goes crazy for, I understand why, the quality of them are very good it’s just the price tag… 30 pounds for a make up pallet come on! Well I’ve gotten 3 different pallet, for only 15 pounds!! Complete bargain if you ask me! If the naked urban decay pallets are not in your budget I’d recommend w7 natural nudes, very good quality, similar and in very reasonable price! Thank you w7! I may just find my true eye shadow love!





I hope you liked this short goodies post, and will also like the vlog as much! Please give it thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! And I’m promise I’ll get better at this whole vlogging thing, I just need sometime to learn.

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