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And another week has passed by. I honestly don’t know when this time goes. And as much as I’d like to give you two articles per week, vlogs and all those fun stuff but having uni, lot’s of deadlines and assessments and still managing to have a social life, at this moment I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’ll defiantly try but I can’t promise anything, and also there’s this whole thing with my laptop, I think it hates me. It consistently shuts down or is extremely slow! Ehh I swear technology is such a joy for me. I’m not a technician and despite of being a blogger technology is still a black magic for me and I have a feeling it will always be, haha!
But enough of my tech rant! Let’s get to the good part, shall we? And as always that’s the fashion part. On Friday I was kindly invited to witness the press preview of Lui’s A/W ’15 collection which was truly beautiful! You can see my thoughts on it and also the full collection in Meade Magazine
But, seriously, writing this post takes me ages today, I think I need to lay off YouTube and Tumblr for a second, I’m sorry but the Minestry of Sound mixes are so good I can’t help myself! It’s amazing how internet can very useful and fun but at the same time it’s soooo distracting and not helpful at all, especially when we have lot’s of stuff to do! Priorities, Kinga, priorities! Damn you Ministry of Sound and your wonderful one hour long mixes!! 
And as I’m starting to talk a little bit to the point. Outfit time! 
Yes, exactly, mixing! And not this time not music mixing, but fashion mixing! I think for this outfit I couldn’t go more mish mash! I mean leather, jeans, a bag in a style of Birkin, nude stilettos, crystals, studs, pearls. What was I thinking?! I think I couldn’t go more random and weird but for some reason I think it all works quite well, different? Defiantly? Weird? Maybe a little.  But that’s what keeps fashion and style interesting. And at the end of the day it’s all just a matter of our own personal opinion.













Photography: Josh Milton
Jacket – Vintage
Top – Open Stores
Boyfriend Jeans – Bershka
Shoes – Primark
Crystal Bracelet – Swarovski
Studded Bracelet – Vintage
Belt – H&M
Necklace – H&M 
Earrings – Dior



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