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It feels like ages, since I’ve written my last style post! And I think that’s true as well! For all of you fashion freaks I don’t think I need to remind you that last week London Collection: Men had place in the great city that is London (duh!) And as you’ll probably be reading this I will be writing more reviews from the presentations I’ve seen this season. It was truly incredible! Not only because of the designs, the people I got to meet, this season, my second season of LC:M, my first proper season of the menswear fashion week, I got to go the legendary (ok not so legendary but you get the point) Victoria House, see the brands featuring there, take photos, find out more incredible menswear designers! And trust me there were some really breathtaking items that I would myself be more than happy to wear!
I feel like with menswear there’s less boundaries in terms of design, specially this season. It all looked so adventures, fun and full of life, the clothes practically screamed to be worn! The designers of the menswear brands weren’t afraid to push the boundaries of fashion and thanks to it, it really made a huge difference. For me it feels like women’s fashion is starting to look all the same, the styles that are worn in New York are also being worn in Milan, it feels like London is one of those metropolitan cities that isn’t afraid to make a difference in fashion market. And the more crazier, the better! Even if it’s on a hot male model.
Reading the first two paragraphs you may think that LC:M was all planned out, the first day specially. Haha, I wish! The truth is I found about it on the day it happened! So typical ๐Ÿ™‚ When it came to choosing my outfit I had to think quick, we’re talking literately few hours of preparation. But I’ve totally managed it, and you know what? I think I did a quite a good job too. Not that I’m being vain or anything, but I really, really, really like this outfit. You get the point. I’m proud of it. For some weird reason, as it’s not something no one has ever done. But it was so cozy, elegant and with bit of rock ‘n’ roll. And it was also all black everything! Do we need more, I don’t think so. And as you know I always get inspired my male icons. For some reason I feel it always keeps my style fresh, but with it’s roots. For this season, another male style icon of my inspired me, Bill Kaulitz, the front man of the German band, Tokio Hotel. He’s the reason I even have the style I at in a first place! Seeing someone being so confident and proud of who they are can really impact your way of thinking in a very positive way. And it has defiantly helped me a lot! This fur coat, is my favorite one at the moment, it’s so stylish, warm, black (you know I love black) and it’s just the perfect statement piece. But what does it have do to with Bill Kaulitz? Well, you remember how I’ve said he is comfortable in who he is. as so am I. The amount of (stupid) jokes I’ve heard about this jacket since I’ve gotten it, is really countless. But I don’t care. It’s part of my style right now, and I’m sure it will be for ages, let’s hope at least. But to really show off my rock n roll side I’ve wanted to add some silver pieces, say whatever you want but studded frills are the thing! Warm and super bad ass. I think we can all agree that these are perfect. And not only for LC:M!







Photography: Josh Milton
Fur Coat- Ted Lynn via Debenhams
Pants &White Jacket (underneath the coat)ย – H&M
Shoes- George (in Asda)
Frills –Frills by A.Dย 
Rings & Tie – Primark
Scarf- Mango
Necklaceย – Forever 21

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