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2014 was full of ups and downs, highs and lows of my life. Chasing my dreams, finding my true passion, meeting lot’s of talented people and forming friendships that I know will last a lifetime!
Many goals were achieved in 2014, from writing for Meade Magazine and becoming their online content co-ordinator, attending London Fashion Week, to press days, and bunch of many and exciting events! I still need to pinch myself to make sure all of it is real! In little more than 2 months it will be year since my first season of LFW and since I’ve started to write for Meade, and I still can’t believe it. It all seems so surreal!

2014 helped me learn a lot, I’ve improved so much in my writing, and understanding of the fashion market. Was doing bunch of silly movies to learn how to edit and make sure the videos I will deliver to you this year will be on a very high standard. I’ve started to write more and more with each post, trying to give you the best experience possible, with all the details of the events I am so fortunate to attend as well as let you know bit more about me with each post. In 2014 I made this blog 100% me! From the long ass articles, experimenting with my style and not worrying too much if anyone will like it or not, getting a new camera, producing even better quality photos (btw I know for this article the quality isn’t too good, I’m having few technical troubles, sorry about that) having an amazing team of people around me who I know I can trust and we still are pushing each other towards the better fashion future!

I can feel that 2015 will be even more busy year for me! And I just cannot wait! I can’t wait, to see what it’s going to bring, I can’t wait for the new experiences, new people and hopefully, new readers 😉 So here are my few new years resolutions:

1.Start my youtube channel and really get into vlogging.

2.At least give you two articles per week. I will at least try I promise

3.Write more about lifestyle.

4.Write more about beauty, and it 2015 there’s going to be lot’s to write about.

5.Keeping playing around with my style, and pushing it’s boundaries. Nothing is permanent. 

And as always, you know I don’t publish an article without photos. This is an outfit I’ve worn earlier today (I’m snuggling in my warmest sweater, leggings and fuzzy socks brr hate winter!) As it’s new year, don’t worry I won’t do the ‘new year new me’ thing, but I’ve decided to wear something very casual and comfy. But as always with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll to it! I think this part of my style will never fade away, at least I hope it won’t! Whenever I’m being elegant or super casual there’s always an element of black in my style! Today I went for all black everything look, well besides the grey jeans which in fact I’ve totally forgot I had! So here it is my first casual outfit of 2015! To be honest I still can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with this year!

Ready. Set. Go!
2015 I am ready for you!

Jacket – Sports Direct
Under top – Alexandra Carolina
Short top – Speedway
Jeans & rings – Primark
Shoes – Deichmann
Scarf – Mango
Necklace – Berskha
Bag – Zara
Studded bracelet – Vintage
Leather bracelet – Dziki Zachod
Silver bracelet – New Look

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