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Can you believe 2014 is over and it’s the first day of 2015?! Bit scary, right? It’s amazing how fast time flies. It feels like just yesterday I was writing about my top 13 moments of 2013 and now I’m doing the same thing with 2014! Well, lot’s of things happened in 2014! It was defiantly a very interesting year! I’ve grown as a blogger, became a writer for an independent online magazine, formed new friendships and of course learned so much in this past year that it’s amazing how my brain didn’t explode! Before we all start heading to celebrate New Years Eve I’ve wanted to share with you my top 14 moments of 2014! Let’s start shall we?

1. Meade Magazine

To be completely honest I don’t even know where to start. Even writing this bring tears of joy into my eyes, and for the record I don’t tend to cry! The fact that I get to have my own voice, be part of an amazing team of people who are as passionate about fashion, beauty and lifestyle as I am is just amazing! Learning more about the industry and improving my writing, layout and social media skills through Meade Magazine is just, I can’t even put it into words! For all my life my career paths would always change, I never really knew what I’ve wanted to do. Thanks to an amazing platform as Meade Magazine, having them to believe and support me helped me realize that writing and sharing my passion and opinions is what I was meant to be doing! This isn’t just something I do outside the blog, it’s something I love doing with all my heart! Meade Magazine helped me achieve a this little goal of mine that I’ve never thought would be possible! I really cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring! But I know it’s going to be huge!

2. Rock this Runway Team

Another amazing moment was also to form a little team of mine. Alma and Josh has helped me in building this blog, attend to major events with me, helping me to keep track of the busy schedule of LFW (we all know how hectic it can get) helping me achieve my dreams, and we’ve all be pushing each other towards the better future! Having people around that think the same way as I do, are as motivated and passionate really makes a massive difference. I’ve been looking for ages to have those kind of people in my life and you know what I think I’ve found them! The most important thing is not only I’ve found amazing team partners in them but also they are my best friends, who understand and know me like no one! I really cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring for all us! I can tell you one thing. I will be much bigger and better!

3. London Fashion Week

When I’ve first started writing this blog I’ve never thought that dream of attending London Fashion Week would ever come true! 2014 was the year when another little dream of mine came true not once but twice! How or why? I am not too sure, all I know when I look back at the memories of both seasons of LFW I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it! The designers, collections, parties, people and whole atmosphere of being there made me feel so involved and for the first time like a part, small but still, of the massive fashion mechanism!

4. London Collections Men
Another massive fashion event that I’ve never thought I’d be a part of! Fashion is fashion and I love each part of it, menswear, womenswear you name it! In June earlier this year I got to see and experience LCM or known as London Collections: Men. Smaller than LFW but still a number 1 fashion event to go to if you are a fashion fanatic! My first show was La Corde Homme, an amazing menswear British brand! Their S/S ’15 was full of structure, patterns and colors, I’ve fallen in love with every single piece, and that fact that it’s menswear doesn’t bother me at all! It was such an amazing thing to experience and see yet another fashion event!

5.Lunch with an Old Bag
I can’t even put into words how fortunate I feel to have the life I have! Living my dreams, meeting interesting people and having each little dream of mine come true. However I feel it is very important to not only live the life you love for the fullest but let’s not forget about others! Not for everyone life is as easy that’s why I feel it’s extremely important to give and help others in need of it! Earlier this year I an amazing opportunity to attend and get involved with raising money for The Princes Trust, that helps young adults get into education and employment! Being involved in such an amazing charity event made me realize how hard it is for others. Even the smallest help can change a life for the better!

6. Shopcade
This is little something I’ve shared with you on my social media but didn’t really manage to blog about it. In April I had an amazing opportunity to be featured as one of ‘Faces of March’ in the Shopcade style book. Shopcade being a world known fashion app it was a massive honor to be selected among of many other fashionistas and show off my style! I can’t even tell you how much this means to me! Since I’ve started to play around with my style at the age of 10 (Damn you Bill from Tokio Hotel) and playing around with fashion since I can remember, my style has changed so much, and it will probably keep changing! When I was younger and  was wearing uniform to school, I couldn’t really show this side of me, the rebellious but so passionate side of being different and following my own path in terms of style, when there were day’s when the uniform came off and we could wear out normal clothes, let’s just say my style wasn’t for everyone. And having something that you love so much with all your heart being rejected just because I was standing out was truly heart breaking, and it killed my confidence on so many occasions. Being selected for that reason, for standing out, being my own person and following my own rules and share my style really means more than I can say! It just shows that at the end of the day we need to be ourselves and there’s always going to be someone who’s going to appreciate it!
“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco Chanel 

7.Cloudberry Bags
Once again, where do I begin? Cloudberry Bags is a  brand that I’ve discovered recently. And oh my gosh! Am I in love?! Not only they have the most stylish handbags and accessories for a very reasonable price, but their support in my style and this blog is just breathtaking! I can’t even thank them enough for the love of the blog they’ve showed these past months! I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring!

8.Jeunvie Skincare
Jeunvie Skincare is a an organic brand that I was introduced to this year. And nothing will be the same again. Due to their organic approach to skincare I’ve realized for the first time in my life how organic products, aseptically for skin work and the fact is they do work! To be completely honest before I’ve thought organic skincare was an overpriced scam, but this brand proved me wrong! Not only their products totally changed my skincare routine, but their massive support to me and my blog means the world to me! And as of 2015 I have few reviews and other stuff in preparation, so look out because it’s going to be amazing!

9.Press Days
Before 2014 I didn’t even know that such thing as press day’s and this year I went to so many that I can’t even count! I was such an amazing experience to see the clothes I’ve  never thought I could see, speak with the representatives and PR’s about the brands and it’s heritage. I’m not going to say more because I still have many more reviews to share with you on Meade Magazine in 2015 so keep your eyes pealed!

10. Sade English Launch
Sade English is such a cool brand that works mainly with leather, one of my favorite fabrics! Creating the most creative and avant garde designs all made out of black and white leather. Just before LFW Sade English held a launch of her collection in a really cool fashion shop in Kings Road. I loved the whole atmosphere of the event, the place just bused with fashion and creativity! I can’t even describe how I love being around people as passionate and motivated as me, it makes me think I’m rather normal (we all know it’s not true, but let’s pretend)

11. Taste of Texas
My first ever lifestyle event took place at an amazing event I was so fortunate to be invited to, “Taste of Texas” event held in The Phene, in the heart of Chelsea. It was my first event based around the category lifestyle, as you must admit food is lifestyle, indeed. As much as I love fashion and beauty, lifestyle is also such an interesting and crucial part to be in! On the day of the event I had a chance to try, for the first time in my life, beef jerky, made very specially. Getting out of my comfort zone of fashion was so important to see what’s more out there, thanks to that experience it helped me improve my skills of writing lifestyle articles. And I can guarantee you there’s going to be more lifestyle articles coming in 2015!

12. Carlotta Actis Barone Fashion Show
2014 was massive year of fashion discoveries. I got to meet so many incredibly talented designers, Carlotta Actis Barone was one of them! Not only I’ve got to wear one of her designs on the fashion show before LFW but also she was kind enough to let me borrow 2 of her amazing garments for my first LFW season! Wearing her creative and bold designs, made me so confident in myself. Wearing her amaizng designs for LFW definitely made the experience even more special and memorable! The fashion show before LFW was so much fun, surrendered my beautiful fashion of Carlotta Actis Barone and Tanya Igic, and of course by an amazing team of models, make up artists and an amazing stylist!

13. Simon Ekrelius Presentation
Simon Ekrelius Presentation was one of the first presentations I had a chance to go to in 2014. The mixture between the chiffon,  silks, silhouettes of the garments all in monochrome was one of my favorite collections I’ve seen! Not only the incredible quality of the design  but the simplicity within it combined with unique approach made me completely speechless when I was looking at all the garments, and does not happen very often.

14. Tokio Hotel are back! 
Ok, first of all, what does it has to do with my blog and why does it matter? Let me fill you in. I don’t tend to write about them here or on my facebook page, instagram and twitter are a whole different story on another hand. But back to the point. This band meant and still means everything to me! This year, after 4 years of silence they came back with a new album, look and of course songs!  I can’t even deal with the fact I will be seeing them in March 2015 on their Feel It All World Tour in London! Really, this band is the reason why I have the music taste I have, style and basically the look on life, I guess you could say this bunch in a way raised me, haha. I’m laughing here but it’s totally true! I love those 4 guys more than I love my own life, and at the moment I’m quite satisfied with it so that tells you a lot 😉

And that’s the end of my top 14 moments of 2014! Trust me there was defiantly more than 14 but we have to stick to some number otherwise this post wouldn’t have an end. I’ve wanted to thank all of you, from people who’ve helped me and are continuing to help achieve my dreams, thank you to the brands that believe in me, for your support, patience and hard work because without any of you nothing would be possible! And last but not least massive thank you to you who’s reading this! Without any of you this blog wouldn’t exist! Thank you for giving me a voice in this chaotic world that is fashion. I am wish you a very happy new year 2015! Make sure it will be even better! 
2015 I am ready for you!

Your support means everything to me! I love each one of you! 

 x x x

Ps. Don’t forget that you can buy Meade Magazine Calender for 2015, you will need it! 

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