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I know it’s been a while since my last post. Well, not necessarily a goodies post, as that was the last post that there was, but please don’t think that all I do is shop! I wish I could but unfortunately, it’s not happening. As you know I’m not really fond of repeating the same things over and over again or doing the same type of posts in the row (unless it’s a style post as you know on these posts there’s always something different happening ^_^)  but at this moment I have nothing else to show you, well I have outfits from LC:M but the first one features an item from the goodies and I couldn’t not possibly show you the outfit before the goodies. And also I’m really starting to enjoy doing these goodies posts, I’ve wanted to do them for a while under a different name but for some reason it felt like I was bragging, now I know that’s not the case, many bloggers do this sort of posts and it keeps the blog entertaing, plus I love sharing my favorite things, goodies and items with my readers, well with you! Well, that was a long intro, but let me also say one thing. I’m going to start getting better in photographing the items, trying to give them the right mood, because I love product photography, I think I prefer it more than fashion photography for some reason, I has lot’s of neutral colors so I’ve wanted to play around with black and white photography as well as color. The jacket you see above is a fur jacket, which I was looking for literately ages! It’s from Debenhams  on sale from 120 to 36 quid! What?! Isn’t just the perfect bargain? It’s so stylish, timeless and warm! I had it for 2 weeks and I wear it everyday, it’s my favorite jacket at the moment!


This item is also a must have item in every women’s make up bag, it’s such like a statement peace of make up. If that even makes sense. I have tried so many different lipsticks over the years and it seems each year I decide to go darker and darker, you should see one of my purple lipsticks. It’s almost black! But red lips are just so classic and will suit anyone! I’ve been looking for very dark red lipstick, something very vampy, I feel like it’s a perfect color for this season! And will always be! Red lips don’t go out fashion. Unfortunately, Debenhams didn’t have MAC (I really wanted the Diva shade) but now as I think of it, I’m glad they didn’t have it as it opened my eyes to other make up brands. I think we all know how the world went cray cray for the Naked pallets from Urban Decay, right? Well that was one of the reasons why after looking at few make up stations Urban Decay has caught my eye and I’ve immediately asked for the lipstick in a shade of dark red. It at the same price of MAC lipsticks, 15 quid, which is bit expensive for a lipstick but so worth it! I’ve worn this lipstick and it stayed on my lips for the whole day! I think we’ve found the winner!

The fact that H&M is one of my favorite shops is no surprise! On each shopping spree I always need to walk into their store! And can you blame me? Let’s face it each collection is on point! But one of their latest ones was defiantly my cup of tea! And that’s a black tea! I’m not sure if you’re able to get the new Gothic collection, full of blacks, grey’s and textures. On another word, it’s a perfect collection for me! If you want to check it out, you can find it easily in the Oxford St store, just opposite Nike. There were so many things from that collection, well I’ve wanted everything!!! So yeah if you’re into the Gothic/grunge fashion make sure to check it out, because it’s flawless. So you can imagine the hard decision process of choosing one clothing item from it! Well this long sleeve top, with a high low hem line reminds me of a dress but in fact it’s a top! Which I’m sure at some point I will wear it as a dress. And also it was also 14.99 quid! Yeah! Don’t we all love a good bargain?

The another piece from H&M. Something very basic, because lets face it who doesn’t have a silver chain necklace in their jewelry box? It is another must haves of mine! I got it on sale from 6.99 to 4 quid! And the best thing about this chain silver necklace is that it can be worn with anything! Loves it!


This part is less exciting but let’s face it, it’s a nercerity for a good make up. I have picked out my favorite, powder, concealer and foundation from Boots. I usually like to buy my foundation, concealer and powder at the same time so at least I know each of these matches correctly. And to be honest I think it’s good to buy all these type of products at the same time as it makes the matching of all the shades easier. I’m really fond of the Natural Collection products, they’re great on the skin, they are affordable and aren’t as heavy as many other skin products, the concealer (1.99) is ideal for contouring and the powder (1.99) is very light and does a perfect coverage. The wake me up foundation by Rimmer (5.99)  is a big hit along many beauty bloggers and youtubers so I’ve decided to give it a go and try it out. At first I’ve thought the shade was too dark for my skin tone but when I’ve done my foundation turned out it was perfect!

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